Aubusson Rugs Elevate Ordinary Interiors to Extraordinary

Aubusson rugs are found in manor homes, chic apartments and luxury settings the world over – so why is it that Aubusson rugs are such a reliable go-to item for interior designers and home owners? Simply because the most amazing thing a rug can do for an interior is to elevate the atmosphere – and the artistic quality of the best Aubusson rugs makes them an ideal tool for adding that extra sizzle to an interior. Today I’ve picked some of my favorite examples of how Aubusson rugs elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Elevate the Ordinary to Extraordinary with Aubusson Rug

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Here Architectural Digest shows the stunning Paris living room of legendary fashionista Anne McNally. You see a vibrant Aubusson rug in rose and cream anchoring an exquisite set of heirloom furnishings covered in Rubelli damask by Donghia. In the gilt mirror above the marble hearth you can make out the reflection of a portrait of McNally painted by her friend, artist Anh Duong. The variety of colors in the room makes it comfortable, but keeps it from becoming common. The role the Aubusson rug plays in enhancing the décor is obvious here – the weathered floor boards, despite their vintage splendor, simply could not have elevated the sense of presence here as effectively as the Aubusson carpet does.

Unify Modern and Traditional with Aubusson Rug

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In this Manhattan townhouse designed by Jonathon Adler for Nanette Lepore and featured in Elle Décor, there are delectable designer pieces, including Warren Planter chairs by Knoll, Manuel Canovas draperies, Ankasa pillows, and Designers Guild upholstery. All these beautiful objects are pulled together by an Aubusson rug which was designed by Lepore for Doris Leslie Blau. Lepore’s home is a truly inspiring place for designers and admirers alike. Adler’s ability to seek out unique pieces and artfully unify them by placing them on an Aubusson rug allows Lepore’s unique personality to shine through every inch of this interior.

Add Artistic Atmosphere with Aubusson Rug

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Julian Schnabel is a man of many talents – and finding ways to improve an already grand space like the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel is one of them. Here, in addition to sumptuous red drapes, stunning light fixtures and original works of art, Schnabel took the innovative step of designing an Aubusson rug to pull together the entire room into a unified work of art. Because Aubusson rugs are hand woven according to an artist’s painting, Schnabel’s aim of making the area both welcoming, dramatic and artistic was easily achieved.

Add Grandeur to Restored Stately Home with Aubusson Rug

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It’s hard to believe that interior design titan Marshall Watson once referred to the 19th-century home where this welcoming room exists, as “…a fabulous old brick pile,” but that is indeed what he told Architectural Digest of the project. This restored stately home near Summit, New Jersey is a great example of a designer using Aubusson rugs to elevate an already grand space from ordinary to extraordinary. Watson’s work in this living room includes a vibrant chair featuring pink chintz by Lee Jofa; a grand collection of upholstery, drapery and shades by Brunschwig & Fils; an 18th-century pair of Pembroke tables and luxurious striped silk walls. Together the subtle colors and sumptuous textures blend to create a uniquely inviting space.

We have seen how Aubusson rugs are used to fulfill many roles, depending on what is required in a particular situation. We have seen how designers use Aubusson rugs to elevate an ordinary interior to extraordinary; pull together modern and traditional elements that would otherwise look disconnected; add an artistic touch to an already hip interior; and finally to restore the grandeur of a renovated stately home.  

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