Aubusson Rugs Energize 3 Boldly Stylish Interiors

Do you love boldly colorful interiors? Vibrant colors can be intimidating, because the result can be disastrous if done incorrectly. One way to ensure that a vibrantly colorful room design comes out well is to begin with a colorful Aubusson rug.

Aubusson rugs can offer bold, beautiful colors with a lot of flair and style because of the incredibly artistry of their French creators. Designers the world over look to Aubusson rugs to create rooms that are full of daring color; the illustrious Billy Baldwin once said, “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” If you like vibrant colors then find a bold Aubusson rug and let it guide you in designing a tasteful and stylish room. I have chosen three interiors that will help you see the different ways Aubusson rugs can help you design boldly colorful and stylish interiors.

Aubusson Rug Helps Create a Stylishly Colorful Country Home

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An Aubusson rug with the intensity of an oil painting on the floor adorns a hunting lodge by British designer Nicholas Haslam.

A colorful Aubusson rug can transform a Country style space, offering intense hues and floral motifs that align with the natural ornamentations found in Country decorating.  In Haslam’s hunting lodge—featured in Period Living Magazine in 2013—the Aubusson rug utilizes the intense, natural colors found in Country French. For your own space, choose a brightly colored Aubusson rug in natural colors like red, green, white and tan; a natural motif—such as flowers, vines or fruit—will best match a Country décor.

Richly Colored Aubusson Rug Adds Chic Drama

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A richly colored Aubusson rug adds character and interest to a dramatic entryway in the home of Dallas-based designer Michelle Nussbaumer.

An Aubusson rug with a dark color palette—such as the black floral beauty on the floor of decorator Michelle Nussbaumer’s home in Dallas—creates instant interest in any room. To get this effect in your own room, try an Aubusson rug with a dark background—such as black, brown or midnight blue—and a pattern in neutrals like cream, tan and gold. The Aubusson rug’s accent colors can set the palette for the rest of your room, such as in Nussbaumer’s entryway.

Aubusson Rug Brings Modern Vibe to Classic Room

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A unique Aubusson rug designed by Andre Arbus adorns the Biarritz home of the eminent French antiques dealer Yves Gastou. Image courtesy Yves Gastou.

Not all Aubusson rugs come in traditional patterns, either. French antiques dealer Yves Gastou is well-known for the unexpected, so it’s no stretch to find such an unconventional look in his home. The distinctive Aubusson rug sets the tone for the entire space as its primary colors are repeated throughout the room. Even the rug’s architecture—it’s shapes and angles—are repeated in the furniture. If you want a unique look for your space, then start with the rug; find an Aubusson rug with bold, bright colors that really draw your eye. Then, use the rug’s colors and design as a guide for the rest of the room.

An Aubusson rug offers intense, bold color paired with style and flair. You can harness that color and style for your room for a variety of design styles. For instance, an Aubusson rug with bold natural colors and designs from nature will accentuate any Country décor; an Aubusson rug in dark colors will add intensity and drama; and unconventional Aubusson rugs can create a look that is all your own.

No matter your preferred design style, if you love the look of bold, intense colors, try an Aubusson rug to enhance your space. Then, design your room around the rug, like the pros do. Start your search now for the right Aubusson rug to match your style.

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