Aubusson Rugs Enhance 4 Modern and Traditional Interiors

Aubusson rugs add a touch of luxury, opulence and warmth to interiors.  With their intricate details, classical patterns and artistic color palettes, Aubusson rugs can bring elegance and sophistication to both traditional and modern interiors as we will see in the four stunning interiors in today’s post. With their wide range of color choices, Aubusson rugs have limitless decorating possibilities. Their classic looks feature floral elements combined with motifs derived from classical Greek and Roman architecture. Here are four interiors that show how top designers use Aubusson rugs to enhance traditional and modern spaces.

Enrich Traditional Living Room with Green Aubusson Rug

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AD100 interior designer Scott Snyder chose a green Aubusson rug with floral motifs in pink, yellow, white and blue to bring elegance and movement to this living room in Florida. Interior design and image by Scott Snyder, Inc.

The antique chair, upholstered in a floral stripe fabric, brings out the rich light green of the Aubusson rug.  The tasseled drapes, also in green, have faint colors of mint and chartreuse, with hints of pink that pick up the floral tapestry of the rug and chair.  The tassels bring an ornate, traditional look.  The wall covering has a pale green tone with gold accents which resonates with the fabrics and gives the space a cohesive look. The use of green in every element of the design is bold and tasteful, giving the room a distinct atmosphere of luxury. The dark wood floor provides contrast and adds warmth to the room.

Enhance Grand Entrance with Aubusson Rug

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The entrance to a home is an opportunity for grand first impressions.  This interior, featuring a blue and white Aubusson rug, features a high ceiling and an ornate staircase.  The room uses the blue and white color palette to maximum affect, with the banister in dark blue, barrel shaped chairs with blue stripes, and a seating area on the right an niche wall in deep blue. Other traditional elements of the space play into the traditional Aubusson rug, such as the Ionic column, the wall sconces, and the stained-glass dome above the staircase. The Aubusson rug unites the blue and white elements beautifully and anchors the space.

Add Sophistication, Pattern and Color to Country Chic Family Room

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This cozy and stylish family room designed by David Easton has mix of textures and materials anchored by a yellow, green and blue Aubusson rug that makes the space feel comfortable and sophisticated. Image courtesy David Easton Inc.

The Aubusson rug has a buttery background with a trellis design in blues and greens, which gives the room an element of nature.  The furniture and other features of the room utilize a soft yellow palette derived from the rug and this makes the space feel warm and inviting.  Natural wood objects add to the country chic look, such as the wooden lamps and the exposed wood beams of the cathedral ceiling.  The potted flowers on the stone mantle play into the leaf and flower pattern of the Aubusson rug.

Unify Modern and Classical Objects with Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, Aubusson carpets, French Aubusson rugs

This fashion-forward living room of designer Kate Spade designed by Steven Sclaroff features a classic Aubusson rug which combines floral motifs and borders inspired by classical architecture. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.

The furniture has French and art deco influences. A green and white striped fabric covers the French chairs and a grey fabric is used on the sofa.  Spade contrasts traditional pieces with ultra-modern art, like the black and white abstract painting and black and white sculptures on each side of the fireplace.  Using the idea that every room can benefit from “a touch of black”, Spade adds a sleek, modern edge to the otherwise soft interior.

Aubusson rugs have great versatility in decorating and can add sophistication to traditional spaces and add warmth and elegance to modern design.  

Whether your are decorating in tonal shades of the same color as Scott Snyder did or make a grand statement in a entrance hall, or adding sophistication to a country retreat, or unifying modern and tradtional design in a fashionable Manhattan apartment, Aubusson rugs can help you achieve your goal with distinction.

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