Aubusson Rugs Enrich 17 Living and Dining Rooms, Bedrooms & Libraries

Why do David Easton, Kate Spade, William T. Georgis, Jacques Garcia, Alidad, Michael Coorengel, Jean-Pierre Calvagrac, Scot Meacham Wood and David Hare have in common? They all chose Aubusson Rugs to bring glamour to traditional and modern living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and libraries. Aubusson area rugs are renowned for their elegance and sophistication. Favored by 18th century French aristocracy, you can find Aubusson rugs for sale in a variety of colors and sizes. Here are seventeen examples of how the design legends used them to create glamour.

Use Red as Power Color in Modern Dining Room

Cream Aubusson and red dining chairs create a modern vibe in this chic dining room

This dining room design features a beautiful Aubusson rugin cream, gold and red.  The delicate red design in the rug is highlighted by the beautiful red velvet chairs at the head of the table, and the white theme is carried throughout the room in the window treatments, walls, dining chairs, and in the delicate floral arrangement.  A large, gilded ornate mirror and adds texture and drama to the room. The dark wood floor has a rustic finish to provide contrast to the refined pattern and light colors of the Aubusson rug. 


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Bring Glamour with Trellis Aubusson Rug and Chinoiserie


Create a glamorous dining room by pairing a trellis Aubusson rug with a Chinoiserie wall covering as in this room in a Palm Beach house designed by David Easton. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.


White and green trellis patterned Aubusson rug Treillage Aubusson Rug 5137C 

Treillage Aubusson Rug 5137C . Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. 



The Arles Aubusson Rug 9402C paired with yellow Chinoiserie wallcovering and white dining chairs creates a light and airy elegance in a classical dining room.



The Arles Aubusson Rug 9402C


 Visually Link Dining Room with Garden Views


An Aubusson area rug with clear colors connects the dining room with the garden visible through glass doors.

Make Bedroom a Spring Oasis

Floral Aubusson rug and white walls create a light and airy bedroom
This elegant bedroom is open and airy. White walls and white ceiling with exposed beams create height and openness, and the crystal chandelier adds elegance and romance.  The Aubusson rug is in a classic pastel palette, with creams, whites, pinks, greens, and light purple floral motifs. The bed has an olive green decorative pillow for a pop of color, and the green plant in the corner as well as the pink tulips on the nightstand, accentuate the spring time feeling.  White furniture with clean lines enhances the whites and creams of the Aubusson rug.  This light, romantic concept is sure to instill inner peace in any bedroom sanctuary.


Bring Romance to the Bedroom

 Aubusson rug in the sitting area of the master bedroom in the Swanson home in Napa Valley

 A pastel Aubusson wool rug with architectural and floral motifs complements a nineteenth century painting and creates a romantic atmosphere bedroom sitting area of the Swanson’s Napa Valley home. Image courtesy Lonny Magazine.



A pale golden-beige Aubusson rug paired with blue silk floral wallcovering and a hand painted secretary creates a lyrical atmosphere in the bedroom of a London house by Alidad Interior Design. Image courtesy Alidad.


Invigorate with Sunny Yellows 


A red, cream and gold Neoclassical French Aubusson is paired with yellow walls and upholstery to create an invigorating atmosphere in the bedroom of a French chateau designed by Parisian decorators Coorengel and Calvagrac. Image courtesy Coorengel and Calvagrac.



The Garonne Aubusson Rug 5014BG is a fine example of the Neoclassical style of the French Empire period. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.


Enhance Modern Art with Gold Aubusson Rug

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This stylish and edgy living room, designed for Kate Spade’s home by Steven Sclaroff, incorporates vintage and modern elements.  The Aubusson rug is simple and sophisticated, with a gold border and delicate red, and pink flowers and yellow-green leaves. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.


Steven Sclaroff chose pillows with more intense shades of the colors found in the Aubusson rug and placed them on the long, gray sofa. French blue, yellow, and deep red pillows resonate with the flower colors in the rug and at the same time their intense colors bring a modern vibe.  The walls are decorated with distinctive modern art creating pops of color throughout the room and adding further visual interest.  The contrasting mix of modern art, art deco influenced pieces, French furniture and Aubusson rug makes this living room truly unique.


Evoke the Stylish Edwardians 


Evoke the stylish Edwardian era with a dark leafy green French Aubusson, plaid upholstery and a Chinoiserie cabinet as in this living room in the San Francisco house of designer Scot Meacham Wood. Image courtesy House Beautiful.



Julien Aubusson Rug 5035GD is based on a Flemish wall tapestry made after the 15th century voyages to the New World sparked a fascination for exotic plants. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc. 


Imagine a Drawing Room in a Jane Austen Novel


Yellow silk damask wallcovering and fine English antiques are pulled together by an Arles Aubusson wool rug in a living room by London’s Alidad Interior Design. Image courtesy Alidad.


Evoke the Patina of a French Farmhouse


Create a comfortable and elegant living room by juxtaposing a gold and cream Aubusson rug with antique French furniture and create a contrast with rustic wood beam ceiling as in this living room in a French farmhouse designed by David Hare.  



 Conjure up the Majesty of a French Chateau


A cream, red and emerald green Aubusson rug pulls together regal antiques in the salon of the French chateau of designer Jacques Garcia.


cream-aubusson-rug-living-room-Carroll-Petries-apartment-Fifth-Avenue-New York.jpg

A cream, red, blue and gold Aubusson rug compliments yellow walls, blue silk drapes and antique Chinese porcelain in the living of philanthropist Carroll Petrie’s Fifth Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park. 


Create a Modern Vibe in a Traditional Library

 aubusson rug and apple-green paneled walls in library of Paris house designed by Jacques Garcia

Bring a romantic and modern vibe to a traditional French library by unexpected juxtaposition of colors, textures, materials and styles as in the library of Anne McNally’s Paris apartment which was completely renovated by Jacques Garcia. A cream and purple Aubusson rug creates dynamic tension with aqua-green paneled walls and pink silk damask upholstery. 


Combine Grandness and Modernity in Library


Create a feeling of grandness and modernity by juxtaposing a an oversize Aubusson rug with a mix of modern and traditional furniture as in this spectacular library in a Manhattan townhouse designed by Architect William T. Georgis. It is hard to find boldly colored large Aubusson rugs for sale.


Enhance Home Office and Library with Neoclassical Style

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This Neoclassical Aubusson Rug in Niall Smith’s library has Etruscan red, olive, dark green and tan. Inspired by classical architecture, this Aubusson rug resonates with the English Regency style book cases and the leather bound books.  The leather sofa in a reddish caramel color picks up the tan and light red accents in the rug, and the period furniture adds richness and warmth to this space. Image courtesy Niall Smith.


Tomba dei Tori, Tarquinia

The Etruscan red in the Neoclassical Aubusson rug in the Niall Smith’s library derives it’s name from the red found in Etruscan frescoes such as this one from the The Tomb of the Bulls (Italian: Tomba dei Tori), an Etruscan tomb in the Necropolis of Monterozzi near Tarquinia, Italy dating to either 540–530 BC or 530–520 BC. Image courtesy Università della Svizzera italiana.


Aubusson Rugs offer design versatility and beauty to any room of your home.  Through a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes, you can work with unlimited choices and design a home that is functional and unique. Start with an Aubusson rug that you fall in love with and let it guide you in selecting wall colors, fabrics and furniture and compose a room that enhances the way you live.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 18, 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.


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