Aubusson Rugs Evoke Different Moods in 4 Chic Interiors

If you wish to design a room that feels warm, looks stylish and expresses your personality then Aubusson rugs can help you achieve your desire. It is common misconception that Aubusson rugs belong only in formal French interiors. If a Monet or a Renoir painting is at home in a modern living room so is an Aubusson rug. Good art transcends it’s period and is used by each generation in a new way. Today we will look at 4 chic interiors which show the many different ways Aubusson rugs are being used today by top interior designers.

Create Stylish and Warm Living Room with Aubusson Rug

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Interior designer Nancy Morton created a warm and fashionable living room by starting with a beige and antique red Aubusson rug. Morton created interest and energy by juxtaposing the refined pattern of the Aubusson rug with the rough unfinished wood ceiling. This unexpected pairing of the refined with the rough gives this room a modern look and at the same time makes guest feel at ease. How refreshing that the homeowners are not stuffy and how reassuring that they are so confident of their taste that they are willing to go against convention in choosing such a rustic ceiling. This living room in Boca Grande, Florida was featured in Architectural Digest. The chest is Portuguese and the antique painting of dogs is English. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Evoke Midnight in Paris with Red Aubusson Rug

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Richard Keith Langham chose a red Aubusson rug to invoke romantic Paris in the guest bedroom in a Mississippi house that was also featured in Architectural Digest. The red walls, the red Scalamandré silk velvet on the camelback sofa, the red toile on the French chair and the red silk on the bed make you feel your are cosseted in a precious red jewel box. The round mirror and the paintings reinforce the feeling of Paris of the early 1900’s. Yet the vibrant reds and the cheerful floral window drapes give this room a modern touch. Langham evokes Renoir and Hemingway’s Paris in a refreshing and modern way. No wonder he was Jackie Kennedy’s favorite decorator. Image courtesy Architectural Digest. Photo: Pieter Estersohn

Design a Modern Living Room with Empire Aubusson Rug

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Who would have imagined that you can design a modern living room with neoclassical furniture and an Empire Aubusson rug. The chairs and table lamp are neoclassical, the sofa and the green, red and cream striped fabric on the chairs are traditional. Then why does this room feel light, airy and even modern? The answer is in the mix-none of the elements are from the same design period or in the same style. For example the glass and brass table is mid-century modern, the beige sofa fabric and the beige drapes with the red bands feel fresh and crisp. The white orchids and the arrangement of branches creates a modern atmosphere. The cream and red toile pillow evokes Provence. When you mix things from different periods and in different styles you create a room that feels fresh and original and this is what gives a room a modern feeling.

Bring the Garden Indoors with Aubusson Rug 

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

This living room gives you the feeling that in a minute you can walk into the garden. Even when you are sitting in the room you feel you are in the garden. When people talk about bringing the garden indoors with a rug, they are usually talking about a garden themed rug. But this red and cream Aubusson rug is not a garden themed rug. Yes the rug has flowers, but that is not what you notice first. This Aubusson rug gives you the feeling of warmth and comfort as do the iron wheelbarrow table, the weathered chest and sofa. What makes the garden’s feel so accessible are the magnificent arched glass doors and windows. The garden is laid out to provide a panorama from the door of the living room. The white walls and dark floors are also key as they allow you to focus on two things- how warm and inviting the room is and how beautiful and near the garden is.

These four very different rooms give you some idea of how you can create very beautiful and evocative rooms with Aubusson rugs. If you would like to see more beautiful rooms with Aubusson rugs, just enter the words “Aubusson rugs” in the search box at the top right of this page.

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