Aubusson Rugs Evoke Romantic Atmosphere of “Midnight in Paris”

Some interior designers are particularly adept at creating interiors that have a romantic atmosphere. Often they start with an Aubusson rug because these rugs remind us of the romantic Paris of Woody Allen’s movie Midnight in Paris. If you want your rooms to proclaim your desire for all things romantic, then the three stunning romantic interiors with Aubusson rugs can give you some great ideas. Designer Rachel Zoe once said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Let your rooms speak of your romantic nature.

Red and Cream Aubusson Rug Inspires Romantic Bedroom

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David Easton chose a cream Aubusson rug with red accents to anchor red bed canopy and red and yellow fabrics in this romantic bedroom. Image courtesy David Easton.

Aubusson rugs with red accent colors make a great foundation for a room design that ignites passion. The romantic design and vibrant red, yellows and greens in the Aubusson rug anchor fabrics that fill the room with movement and feeling. The curtains and the canopy bed utilize the same color palette as the Aubusson rug, but with a different floral pattern. In your romantic bedroom, look for an Aubusson rug with a white or cream background and a design in lush, vibrant shades. Red is, of course, the height of romance, but piercing shades of blue, green and even orange can work as well; it’s not necessary to use only a few colors—the rug in Easton’s room has red, pink, green, blue and yellow-gold. In your room, utilize the rug’s colors throughout the space, such as Easton’s yellow upholstered chair and the blue Recamier-style bench at the foot of the bed..

Black and Gold Aubusson Rug Creates Dramatic Dining Room

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Koch Studio chose a black and gold Aubusson rug to create instant drama in a dining room. Image courtesy Asmara, Inc.

Aubusson rugs come in striking colors as well, such as this intense black Aubusson rug with gold accents. The rug’s bold design commands the attention of the room; the table is centered over the Aubusson rug’s medallion, as is the chandelier. For your room, look for an Aubusson rug with a dark background and a daring design. Keep the other colors in the room in the same hues; for instance, in this room, the mural on the walls utilizes the rug’s golden hues and other black elements recall the rug’s background.

Gold Aubusson Rug Creates Romantic Living Room

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A living room fit for sweethearts, designed by Jessica McClintock, utilizes a beige and gold Aubusson rug to accentuate the room’s delicate white and green color palette.

Aubusson rugs with delicate patterns and light hues add a touch of sweetness to any room. In a French-style living room, the white of the Aubusson rug, the walls and furnishings looks idyllic, and the floral touches of green and gold add to the romance. In your own room, try an Aubusson rug with a white background, a delicate pattern and a light hue; light blues, greens and pinks all create a tender ambiance. Group furniture pieces—overstuffed and ornate if you want this room’s French look—around a center medallion, as in McClintock’s room, to invite intimate conversation.

Aubusson rugs will help a rooms speak of romance and passion. If you love the delicate whimsy of French style, try Aubusson rugs with white or cream backgrounds and a delicate design and light colors. Or use Aubusson rugs with red accents to proclaim your ardor. Lastly, Aubusson rugs with dramatic designs create verve and excitement when you take your room’s color palette from the rug.

Look for Aubusson rugs that fit your style and preferences. There are many designs and colors available, and one will surely speak of romance for you.

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