Aubusson Rugs: How to Decorate in Your Own Style

Decorating with Aubusson rugs doesn’t have to be tricky. Some people become overwhelmed by the patterns present in many Aubusson rugs, and others believe that they’re limited by what they “should” and “shouldn’t” do. Aubusson rugs can have intricate designs, or they can have more subdued graphics. There’s no rulebook as to how you should decorate with them.

When decorating with Aubusson rugs, keep the following in mind:

  • Think of the space that you’re decorating. How you intend to use it will help you choose the right kind of rug.

  • If you like Aubusson rugs with powerful, bold patterns, they could take center stage in rooms with low-key or neutral décor.

  • Bold Aubusson rugs also work beautifully in eclectic rooms filled with color and pattern

  •  Keep in mind that choosing Aubusson rugs that complement the features and accessories in the room doesn’t mean that your goal is to make everything match. Matching everything in the room is a sure-fire way to take the sizzle out of a space. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and colors. That way, you’ll end up with rooms that are visually interesting and fun to be in.

Aubusson Rugs Dial up the Drama in Entryways

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The entryway of interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer’s Dallas home is energized by an eclectic design style and an Aubusson rug.

In her Dallas home, interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer used an Aubusson rug to add vitality and energy to the home’s entryway. The creator of her own, eclectic furniture line, Nussbaumer chooses elements that speak to a homeowner’s style when designing a space. A quick glance through her website, Ceylon et Cie, reveals a world filled with a glorious blend of traditional and whimsical furniture and accessories. In her entryway, the black, gold and white Aubusson rug is the picture of restrained drama. Its bold design contrasts beautifully with both the wood and checkerboard floors. Nussbaumer could have gone with Aubusson rugs that were more subdued and neutral, but going with the bolder design gave the entryway an energy it would have otherwise lacked. The gold console tables, decorative mirrors and rich grey door provide the perfect supporting detailing.


Colorful Aubusson Rugs Energize Soft, Neutral Spaces

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Photographer Helen Norman’s living room at Star Bright Farm, her home in Maryland

Photographer Helen Norman is famous for her photos that reflect life’s most perfect yet candid moments. The fashion and lifestyle photographer is most happy when shooting scenes of everyday life in ways that make you want to just jump right into the picture. Simple, bright, natural photos that invite you into them are the order of the day.

It’s no wonder that her photography philosophy stretches to her home. In this photo, you’re invited into Norman’s cozy living room. Neutral shades abound, with pale cream walls and warm-toned hardwood floors anchoring and framing the space. The red and cream-colored Aubusson rug offers a welcome burst of color in the space, but that color is not overwhelming. Norman repeated the colors from the rug in her accessories, like the throw pillow on the white Mad Hatter chair. Norman favored a room with natural tones accented with a pop of bright color. Aubusson rugs like this gorgeous version gave her the look that she wanted.

You can take some of these ideas with you when decorating your own space with Aubusson rugs. You can go full-on bold like Michelle Nussbaumer, or you can create a more subdued look like Helen Norman. The great thing is, you can create both looks with the same exact rug.

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