Add Bold Color and Soul to Rooms with Romantic Oushak Rugs

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When I think of Oushak rugs, I think of dreamy, often faded, and softly colored floor coverings. Even though many Oushak rugs feature bright colors woven through them, there's still something about them that just says "serenity." Woven from soft, silky wool and featuring warm, luminous colors like rust, gold, saffron and gray, they're very popular in rooms that are meant to be calm gathering spaces. They're very popular for use in rooms that are made for relaxing and reclining. Read More

What Colors Work Best When Decorating With Orange Rugs?

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You may love the idea of decorating with orange rugs, but you may also be wondering about how they'll work with the other colors in your room. The answer is "beautifully." Orange has a knack for working with many different colors, especially those that contrast with it or complement it. Look at the warm hue of a weathered rust-colored leather Chesterfield, and how it adds seductive wow factor to a room. Have you ever seen the dance of orange and blue colors that intermingle when a flame burns? The colors seem made for each other, a bewitching blend of orange and blue. You've never seen a garden filled with brightly colored flowers and freshly mown grass and thought, "Wow, these colors clash!" Instead, you've probably been lulled into a sense of peace or energized by the colors that you find in nature. When decorating with orange rugs, think of the colors that bring out the beauty of orange without overwhelming the space. Read More

How to Design Chic and Restful Bedrooms with Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs, steeped in history and featuring gorgeous motifs derived from classical architecture and French floral detailing, are the types of rugs that you want to show off. The legendary beauty of traditional Aubusson rugs is so awe-inspiring that the last thing you want to do is to keep them from public view. Your instinct is to display them in your public rooms so that every visitor to your home can enjoy them as much as you do. In a new trend designer's like Michael S. Smith are bringing Aubusson rugs into the bedroom. You can use Aubusson rugs to decorate your bedroom or resting area in the same way that you would use them to decorate the more public spaces of your home. If you can, choose your Aubusson rug first, and let everything else follow. Choose colors and textures that promote rest and calm. Read More

Green Peace: Creating a Serene Haven With Green Rugs

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When you were a child, you may have rolled down a hill thick with grass as the sun turned you a toasty brown. As you came to a stop in the luxuriant foliage, you may have studied it with the intensity and dedication that only a child who has nothing to do for hours and hours can muster. Blades of grass in varying shades of jades, evergreen and emerald may have jumbled together to make what you probably considered the most beautiful carpet in the world. Read More

How to Decorate Fearlessly with Orange Rugs

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If you believe that decorating with orange rugs is something only a nostalgic hippy with a penchant for shag carpeting would do, you will be surprised to learn that the color soothsayers at Pantone named Tangerine Tango as the 2012 color of the year. Since there is sometimes a lag before colors forecasted by Pantone begin to show up in women's fashion and even a longer lag before high end orange rugs begin appearing, you are well ahead of the fashion curve if you are contemplating decorating with orange rugs. You will be happy to learn that orange is one of the most flattering colors on the color wheel. In varying hues, it works with just about every skin tone and color scheme. You can saturate a room with it, or use it sparingly via little bursts of color sprinkled around the room. It's a color for both the color-proud and the color-phobic. You can try it on its own or with complementary colors like yellow or contrasting colors such as blue and green. It can be infused into traditional design or take center stage in a modern aesthetic style.  Read More

Celebrity Aubusson Rugs in Traditional and Modern Interiors

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The story of Aubusson rugs can be told in three acts. In the first act, the mid-1600s versions of these hand-woven tapestry rugs have not survived so we can only speculate that they probably looked somewhat like the flat-woven kilims of the near-east because the art of tapestry weaving is thought to have come from members of the invading Saracen army who stayed behind and settled in France after the battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D. Act two opens after 1750, with Aubusson rugs adopting the grand, floral style of the plush, much lauded, exclusively royal and oft-envied Savonnerie carpet. The final act brought forth Aubusson rugs woven in the mid 1800's during the reign of the last King of France, Louis Philippe. These Aubusson rugs have a romantic blend of floral and architectural elements that we now think of as the typical Aubusson rug look. When you think of Aubusson rugs, you may have a very strict and rigid interpretation of how they should be used. You may have visions of old French country estates filled with rooms decked out with heady and intoxicating baroque elements or spaces filled with softer but still elaborate rococo furnishings. If so, it's time to broaden your vision: Aubusson rugs can be placed in rooms as varied and diverse as their history. Read More

Four Stylish Ways of Decorating with Green Rugs and Emerald Green

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If you've been thinking about decorating with green rugs, it might interest you to know that the all-knowing color experts at Pantone have declared Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year. While I do not believe a room's color palette should be determined solely by what Pantone happens to declare as the color of the year, it is still helpful to know this, if for no other reason than it explains why so many fashion houses, interior design companies and décor magazines are coming up with rugs and fabrics with splashes of jewel-toned viridian. Rich, vibrant emerald green is a color used to promote benevolence and harmony, and it can also be used to help bring clarity and lucidity to a room. With all of the emerald dresses, accessories and furniture being made, I wanted to take a longer perspective, as we should do in interior design, and show how to great interior designers decorate with green rugs. Following the examples of these designers will help us design rooms with green rugs that will look stylish not just this year, but hopefully, five and ten years from now. Read More

How to Create Cozy and Stylish Interiors with Oushak Rugs: 4 Tips

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"Richly faded colors" seems like an oxymoron, and yet the phrase is one of the best ways to describe the beauty of fine Oushak rugs. Even if you're not knowledgeable about different rug types, there's something about Oushak rugs that makes you want them when you see them. Shades of terracotta, gold, cream, soft rust and muted ochre seem to be the name of the game with these rugs that seem to quietly whisper "history", even if they've been made in the past 50 years and their colors are quite modern. These beautiful floor coverings owe their luminous qualities to the rich, fine hand spun wool that the best Oushak rugs are made of. Whether you're looking at the more traditional star or medallion Oushak rugs, or the more modern variety with soft colors, the transformative power of Oushak rugs cannot be understated. You'd never describe them as loud or overbearing. Read More

How to Create a Hotel-Chic Vibe in Your Home with Aubusson Rugs

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The Hotel le Bristol in Paris. The Sanderson in London. The Peninsula in Bangkok. You know the feeling. You walk into the hotel for a weekend getaway. You're under the hotel's spell from the moment you enter and step on a fabulous Aubusson rug under a 10,000 light chandelier sparkling overhead while dreamy, grey walls create a soothing backdrop. You insert the card key into the lock and, swinging the doors open wide, you're immediately transported to a place of luxury, peace and a feeling of welcome. The furnishings could be fun and eclectic, or they could be traditional and reserved. The thing that stands out for you is that it all feels so richly luxurious, instantly creating a space that you never want to leave. You look around, determined to find out the secret for bringing hotel-like style into your own space. Read More

How to Go Beyond Your Fear And Decorate with Green Rugs

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Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation." It's true. Green rugs are a great way to bring a joyous, springlike vibe into a home; and green rug also makes it easy to add warm and cozy colors to the room because green is one of nature's most versatile colors and it works with all the colors of the rainbow. Think of the green that blankets a meadow on a spring day, and how it highlights the thousands of buttery yellow buttercups. The colors seem – and are – perfectly coordinated. Imagine the deep, rich green of a pine forest that looks stunning against the blue sky above and the rich browns of the trees' bark that always with the green leaves of the tree and the grass in the meadow. It seems like no other color works as well as a background color as green does. Read More