Picking Pastel Rugs by Personality

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Whether you are a sunny personality or a deep spirit, everyone needs a space that they can retreat to, that they can find peace in. When figuring out how to turn your space into the perfect escape, pastel rugs are a great place to start. Pastel rugs are beautiful, dusted with grace. Soft colors inspire calm. Pastel rugs can be found in the traditional Easter spectrum and also in the even more muted hues of grays and browns. And building from the ground up, pastel rugs can compose a room of serenity for your space that fits your personality. Read More

How Thomas O’Brien Designs Stylish Rooms with Damask Rugs: 5 Tips

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Damask rugs in modern colors and subtle shading created with Savonnerie carpet weaving techniques make it easier to design rooms that will always be considered stylish. Interior design should be about more than what is current or the latest fad. It should be about what makes you feel good. AD100 interior designer Thomas O'Brien once said "I'm not about trends or what's in season. I look back and bring things forward or I find what I think is unique or special. For me it's really about beautiful and classical things." O'Brien may have been talking about modern Damask rugs because these rugs combine centuries old patterns with modern colorations. When O’Brien decorates with damask rugs he mixes furniture of different styles and from different periods, and often one cannot tell the old from the new because each piece becomes part of the story. Read More

4 Glamorous Ways to Decorate with Medallion Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs with central medallions are some of the most glamorous Aubusson rugs ever created, but many people miss out on the opportunity of creating fabulous rooms around them, because they think it is hard to deal with the medallion. Fortunately, great interior designers have already forged a beautiful trail that we can learn a great deal from. Today we we will look at four exciting ways that will add glamor to any room by making imaginative use of an Aubusson rug's central medallion. The four ways illustrated in this post will inspire you to come up with your own creative way to bringing glamor to your rooms with Aubusson rugs with central medallions. Read More

How to Enhance the Beauty of a Room with Geometric Rugs: 3 Tips

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Standing in an empty room, you are struck by how beautiful it is. Whether it's the unique angles of the walls or the look of the ceiling or paneling or windows, this room is exquisite. While the idea of decorating it is exhilarating, how do you do that without taking anything away from the beauty of the architecture? Perhaps the answer is as simple as geometric rugs. Just as the juxtaposition of contrasting colors creates energy in a room and attract our eyes, the use of complementary geometric patterns, especially in an area as large as a rug, will make the room more beautiful. Every room has it's own architectural shapes which will benefit from being highlighted by the right geometric rug. Read More

6 Tips for Decorating with Aubusson Rugs

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Aubusson rugs represent some of the most beautiful rugs in history. Their origin goes back to the 16th century to the village of Aubusson on the banks of the Creuse river, whose waters were famous for their ability for dyeing vibrant colors. This region of central France is about 200 miles from Paris. Aubusson rugs are handmade in a flat weave construction that resembles heavy tapestries which adorn the walls of French castles and palaces. Aubusson rugs quickly captured the hearts of the French aristocracy because their patterns were similar to those of pile Savonnerie carpets which were unavailable to the aristocracy as they were made exclusively for the King's palaces. Aubusson rugs come in very large sizes and feature center medallions, lyrical floral patterns, and soft color palettes. For hundreds of years Aubusson rugs have been synonymous with the ultimate in French refinement and elegance. While Aubusson rugs continue to be produced in Aubusson and the nearby village of Filletin, the production is extremely limited and is mostly confined to orders placed by the French government for presentation to foreign heads of state. For a few years starting in the 1990's Aubusson rugs were woven in China, but with the rapid rise of wages in that country, hand weaving of Aubusson rugs is now coming to an end. However the love for Aubusson rugs continues unabated among sophisticated interior decorators and connoisseurs. Just as the French aristocracy was once captured by the beauty of Aubusson rugs, so are we today fascinated by the possibilities Aubusson rugs offer for designing refined and elegant interiors in both modern and traditional styles. Read More

Why Oushak Rugs Are the Perfect Answer to “Where Do I Start”?

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Staring at any empty room begs the overwhelming question "Where should I start?" Of course, you want to make your room is beautiful and fashionable but you also want it to be comfortable and inviting to guests. Creating this balance and finding the right place to start doesn't need to be difficult, if you find an Oushak rug that helps you set the tone you desire for the room. Once you have selected the right Oushak rug, the rest of the room will fall in line easily. Subtly colored Oushak rugs are a great starting point because they contain hundreds of complementary shades of each color which makes it easy to pick fabrics and bring youthful energy to the entire room. Look for Oushak rugs made with fine quality handspun yarn which has hundreds of natural shade variations and a rich texture. This will give your room a feeling of glamor and sophistication and enhance all the other elements in the room. Read More