Best Rugs Inspired by Spring Flowers in the Arnold Arboretum


Do you look for signs that tell you spring is around the corner? Do you look for new buds on trees, flowers pushing their way out of the ground, new birds arriving and the days becoming longer?

For me, the surest and happiest sign of spring is the emergence of hundreds of tiny brilliant blue scilla flowers in Boston’s Arnold Arboretum. Last Saturday, the hillsides in the Arboretum were carpeted in brilliant blue.

Scilla flowers inspired Asmara rugs

Thousands of tiny brilliant blue scilla flowers cover a meadow in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston. Some of Asmara’s best floral rugs owe their blues to this harbinger of spring.

Spring brings new life to the earth, plants, trees and birds.  Each simply pulsates with new growth.

People feel the stirrings of spring as well; spending more time outdoors and taking better care of ourselves. The season always seems to spark fresh ideas and new plans.  It is truly a time of creativity, for all of nature.

This spring I am giving thanks to the muses of the season, for the inspiration they have given me over the years. Some of my best ideas have come to me after taking walks in early April and May. 

Here are some examples of floral and geometric rugs that were inspired by spring’s briliant colors and life:

 Adria Savonile Oriental Rug, Bamboo Needlepoint Rug, Asmara rugs

Floral Rug: VerainSavonile oriental rug. This statement rug has meandering vines, carrying flowers in scilla and cornflower blue, linden blossom yellows and witch hazel reds.

Geometric Rug: Bamboo Needlepoint rug for an adjoining room. Fresh green bamboo forms a pattern reminiscent of French inlaid marble floors. The color bar suggests color directions for walls and fabrics.


Ascot 3205CG Oriental rug, Branches oreintal rug, Asmara rugs

Geometric Rug: Bombay oriental rug for an adjoining room. Greens and creams inspired by bamboo leaves in a geometric pattern reminiscent of French inlay wood floors.

Floral Rug: Branchesneedlepoint and oriental rugs. A statement rug with flowers and berries in scilla, and cornflower blues, cherry reds and apple blossom whites on woody branches forming an overscale trellis.

Color bar suggests colors for walls and fabrics.



Adria 2199C Needlepoint Rug, Chipping San Marco Needlepoint rug

Floral Rug: Adria Needlepoint Rug. A statement rug with delicate tendrils pouring out of lush bouquets of scilla and cornflower blues, maple blossom reds, daffodil stalk greens, honey golds all on an eggshell background.

Geometric Rug: Chipping Needlepoint Rug for an adjoining room. Blue and yellow greens found in willow buds are expressed in a geometric pattern inspired by Chippendale chairs.

Has spring arrived where you are?

Are you noticing something new this spring?

Are you finding yourself coming up with fresh ideas and thinking of new plans this season?

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