Blue Geometric Rugs Bring Modern Vibe to 2 Traditional Homes

Decorating with geometric rugs is a great way to bring a modern energy into traditional spaces. Designers are increasingly turning to geometric rugs wen to want to give traditional décor a modern and more youthful vibe. Today we feature the work of two designers Lynne Scalo and Betsy Burnham, who have mastered the art of using geometric rugs to give a modern look to traditional homes.

Bring Edgy Glamour to Traditional Home with Blue Geometric Rug

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Interior designer Lynne Scalo chose a blue and white geometric rug to do a magical modern makeover of a historical Victorian home in Ridgefield Long Island. Image courtesy Lynne Scalo.

Interior designer Lynne Scalo goes out of her way to create spaces that are a little bit glamour and a little bit classic design. Geometric rugs land right side up in the most traditional rooms in her design. She has no qualms about crossing centuries and styles in order to get the look she’s going for. Flipping through her fabulous portfolio, it’s not hard to figure out that she has an extensive background in theater and the arts. Her background has made it practically impossible for her to create work that is staid, boring or predictable. As if setting the design for the set of a film or a play, she designs her work in a way that is grand and bold, yet dignified and classy. She approaches each job as a theater set and from there she creates her vision. Her work has been featured everywhere from the New York Times to Interiors magazine, and she’s designed homes for clients from London, England to Manhattan.

This gorgeous room is the perfect example of Scalo’s talent for using elements like geometric rugs in unexpected places. Looking at this room’s large windows, sleek lines and high ceilings, you’d assume that the home was a mid-century modern or some other contemporary-style home. It’s actually an early Victorian home built in 1826 and located in Ridgefield Long Island. The owners of the home are a fun-loving and artistically inclined couple who favor whimsical design, so it was clear that they would embrace the idea of elements like a bold blue and white geometric rug. Scalo inserted bold punches of color throughout the room with elements like the sofa pillows and the geometric rug. Contemporary furnishings go beautifully with a bold geometric pattern on the floor as they do here. This particular rug has blue, grey-blue and white colors in an interlocking circle pattern that helps give the space an almost 60’s vibe.

Modernize Traditional Room with Abstract Art and Grey-Blue Geometric Rug

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A large scale grey-blue and white geometric adds zip to a gorgeous Betsy Burnham-designed Beverly Hills Tudor living room featured in House Beautiful. Image courtesy House Beautiful.

L.A.-based designer Betsy Burnham is known for bringing a modernized East coast vibe to West coast interiors. She lives and breathes Dorothy Draper’s design philosophy of “Decorating is fun!” She takes the traditional and turns it on its head with pops of modernity and color. Her goal with every project is to take the bare bones of the layout and inject it with the totally unexpected. The “unexpected” could be anything from graffiti art to something representative of Burnham’s own edgy style. Her successful attempts to wake up traditionalism have made her a favorite designer across the U.S. From House Beautiful magazine to the Today Show, Burnham’s designs have had maximum impact wherever they’re shown.

Geometric rugs had a big place in this Beverly Hills Tudor home that Burnham designed. A neutral gray and white color palette abounds throughout the home, and those soft tones are exquisitely interrupted with injections of unexpected color and texture. Geometric rugs in neutrally toned spaces help enliven the rooms and give them energy. In this case, the bold graphic pattern of the grey-blue and white rug invigorates the room, while the colorful abstract painting provides kaleidoscopic hues. The grey-blue and white pattern in the rug is reflected in the sofa pillows and the Chinoiserie plate. 

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