Blue Rugs Add Personality to 4 Gorgeous Interiors

Adding personal touches to a room makes it more inviting and memorable. Traditional interiors, with their classic architecture and antique flair, can benefit from modern, unique touches that give them a distinctive personality. You can create an individual look in many ways such as juxtaposing unexpected combination of styles and using contrasting colors to create pop and bring a fresh energy to the room.  Blue rugs come in a variety of hues and many different styles. These rugs are oftern used by interior designers to add verve and excitement to traditional rooms and give them a distinctive personality. The four gorgeous interiors in today’s post are a feast for the eyes and hopefully will spark new ideas for decorating with blue rugs.

Add Color and Style to Wood Paneled Library with Blue Floral Rug

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A blue floral rug adds cool blue and soft texture to balance the warm wood tones of the tall bookshelves and desk in this traditional office and library designed by Friederike Kemp Biggs and George W. Sweeney. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The large neoclassical desk and bookshelves in dark cherry wood give the room presence and distinction.  Carved lions and subtle gold accents add to the stately atmosphere. The designers cleverly use a royal blue rug, with a white floral design, to break up the warm, red tones of the room and add a feminine touch. The blue books resonate with the rug, while the red books create pops of color. The blue rug creates these energetic connections and makes the room feel younger and fresh.

Add Elegance and Excitement to Traditional Dining Room with Blue Oushak Rug

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An Oushak rug with blue and gold accents adds energy and elegance to this dining room designed by Madeline Stuart & Associates and Kevin A. Clark. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The beauty of the dark wood neoclassical dining table and English dining chairs is enhanced by the pale blue walls and the blue and gold accent colors in the cream Oushak rug. This because blue is a cool color and creates a pleasing contrast with the warm wood tones of the furniture. The coffered wood ceiling also continues this them with blue and dark wood combination. Dusty blue upholstery on the chairs picks up the dark blue leaves in the rug, and pops of yellow-gold in the rug balance the cool blues in the rug and the walls. The large arrangement of while lilies and luscious green leaves adds fresh beauty. A crisp white tall fireplace looks like a large beam of light from above and adds a unique personality to this room. A gold circular chandelier and tall floor lanterns add an exotic touch.

Bring a Young Vibe by Pairing Lacquered Red Walls with Blue Oriental Rug

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A cream and blue oriental rug and blue and white Jansen dining chairs are juxtaposed with red lacquered walls and glossy white trim and ceiling to create an exciting dining room by Celerie Kemble. Image courtesy The Interior Archive.

The furniture, accessories, and architecture of this elegant dining room are distinctly traditional, but the colors give it a fashion forward appeal.  A white and blue oriental rug anchors a round dining table with white Jansen chairs with blue fabric.  The window treatments, white with blue edges, have small tassels which give them a romantic touch.  The walls are lacquered in a red that has just a tinge of blue and the walls, window trim and fireplace are in a glossy white that contrasts sharply with the red. Polished dark floors and dark fireplace add to the drama. A gilded rococo mirror continues the romantic theme. The room has a decidedly young energy and a fun atmosphere which is a hallmark of Celerie Kemble’s ever changing style.

Create a Sophisticated Mediterranean Look with Blue Geometric Rug

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A blue and white geometric rug anchors the living room decorated by Billy Baldwin in La Fiorentina in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. The room looks as fresh today as when it was done for advertising legend Mary Wells Lawrence in the 1970’s. Image courtesy The Habitually Chic Blog.

This room features a blue and white geometric rug with a small scale diamond grid pattern that provides the inspiration for the many shades of blue used in the rest of the room – such as the sky blue sofas, French blue vases above the mantle and robin’s egg blue accents on the lacquered coffee table.  Pale yellow walls add a sunny warmth which balances the cool blue and brings out their beauty. Dark wood French furniture with ormulo and a gilded mirror add warmth and contrast. A beautiful touch are the French windows which are painted blue on the outside and a pale cream insided. The ceiling is a fresh white which brings out the beauty of the yellow walls. The room feels fresh and light and makes you want to relax with friends or settle down with a book or just day dream.

Blue rugs come in many different patterns and can be used in highly personal ways to add beauty, style, fresh energy and a youthful vibe to a room. Using different shades of blue, pairing blue with a warm contrasting color (such as red or orange), and using light blue in masculine spaces are a few of the many different ways of adding your personality to an interior. While traditional interiors are known for their dignified, classic elegance, blue rugs give these spaces a subtle, modern update.

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