Blue Rugs Add Young Vibe and Elegance to 4 Interiors

The color blue is one of the most popular colors on Earth and represents tranquility, think the skies and seas. Blue has also been shown to represent trust, wisdom, cleanliness, and intelligence. To create a dynamic room you can easily contrast any blue with a warmer color to ramp up the energy. As Christina Murphy, one of the top interior designers of today, best put it, “punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging”. So instead of getting any boring blue rug look for one with a bold hue or interesting pattern that will add interest without clutter.

Design a Clean Airy Room with Blue Rug and Lots of White

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Sunny dining room by Jorge Elias in Sao Paulo, Brazil defined by a blue Peking rug. Photo: Roger Davies. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

This is a traditional styled rug but is in a vibrant cobalt blue which brings this quaint dining space to a sophisticated level. This space utilizes a clean color palette of several shades of blue and large expanses of white. Splashes of orange and yellow have been added to create contrast and introduce warm colors to balance the large amount of cool blues in the room. Elias has cleverly mixed several fabric patterns to give the room a vibrant energy but he has made sure all the blues work with each other and this gives the space a coherence and harmony. But in the final analysis it is the simplicity of the blue rug and its calm look that gives the space a peaceful look.  

Bring Classy Energy with Contemporary Blue Rug and Crystal Chandelier

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A blue rug with tie dye style white stripes brings a young energy to this classy living designed by Andrew Howard who mixed crystal chandelier, contemporary and traditional furniture. Image courtesy Andrew Howard Interior Design.

At first glance this blue rug may look simple, but its wavy white stripes bring energy and movement. The mix of contemporary and traditional furniture topped off a beautiful crystal chandelier raises this room to the height of chic. While the color blue has calming effect, the pattern of this rug brings a young vibe. Brown wood tones add warmth and balance the cooling effect of the blues while white walls add crisp contrast.

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This view of the living room shows the dramatic contrast between the contemporary pattern of the blue rug and the classical architecture of the room. The dark lacquered floor against the white columns and walls further ramps up the energy. Blue drapes look dramatic against the white walls. Image courtesy Andrew Howard Interior Design.

 Bring Chic Look and Sophistication to Room with Geometric Blue Rug

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Interior designer Lynne Scalo chose a blue and white geometric rug with several shades of blue in a pattern that produces movement in this living room in a renovated historical Victorian home in Ridgefield Long Island. Image courtesy Lynne Scalo.

This particular rug is the perfect example of classic contemporary design. The multi-hued blues tie in the colors of the room while the pattern itself is a floral geometric. As the color blue can be both masculine and feminine, this room utilizes both which makes it the perfect sitting area. When searching for a blue rug consider looking for something that uses various hues to blue to achieve what you want. This rug goes with a deep blue and grey-blue but imagine the striking impact of a dark blue with light neon blue? The limits are endless and are only bound to your desired outcome.  

Bring Sea View Indoors in Light Filled Dining Room with Blue Floral Rug

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A white and blue rug with a pattern of large leaves brings nature indoors in the breakfast room in designer Eliza Gatfield’s home overlooking Oyster Bay in Long Island, NY. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

Blue can very well be the new black when pairing it with other neutrals. This particular room features a fun leaf patterned rug to bring the outdoors inside. Blues can be used in conjunction with nature’s other favorite color- green to create a refreshing atmosphere. Large expanses of white give the room a clean, airy look while the many windows bring in more shades of blue from the sea and the sky. The chair backs and seats are covered in mis-matched blue fabrics to create interest and to echo the changing colors of the sea and sky outside. Brown wood tones add warmth and balance the cool blues.


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