Blue Rugs Bring Calm Atmosphere to 4 Chic Interiors

A home should not only be a reflection of your personality and style but also a comfortable environment where you can relax, recharge, and renew.  Albert Hadley said, “Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living.”  With this in mind, making your home a comfortable oasis can be an easy and enjoyable process if you start with a calming color palette.  Blue rugs are an excellent way to build a room that conveys a calm, serene feeling.  It’s no wonder blue rugs are seen in luxury resorts and spas around the world!

Create a Soothing and Chic Family Room with Blue Rug

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In Ali Wentworth &  husband George Stephanopoulos’ family room a blue contemporary rug anchors comfortable dark gray-brown sofas, blue walls and light yellow drapes. Interior design by Elizabeth Martin. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

This cozy famiy room utilizes a contemporary blue rug with a shaded background that creates a very subtle tonal pattern.  A small, light brown triangle motif on the border of the rug coordinates perfectly with the plush, brown couches.  Light yellow window treatments enhance the softness of the room and mimic the sunlight through the windows.  All severe, hard edges have been softened by overstuffed cushions and pillows, a wood chair with a rounded back, and a flower arrangement using round,  hydrangea blossoms.  Rounded shapes, soft textures and blue, brown and pale yellow color palette creates a calming, engaging and chic environment.

Evoke Ocean’s Serenity with Blue Rug

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The ocean is an excellent source of serene inspiration.  This elegant living room uses the color palette of the sea with delicate blues and whites to bring a spa-like feel.  White is a great choice for decorating with blues because it gives the space a clean, simple, and bright look.  The rug here is a very subtle blue with a slight weave that mimics ocean waves.  The oval, leather ottoman is in a gentle blue green shade and has a white base that contrasts nicely with the rug. The white sofa with rounded edges has a textured, white throw blanket.  A Klismos inspired upholstered chair in a bluish-grey provides a nice pop of contrast against the shimmering blue pleated curtains.  

3.  Utilize Blue Rugs with Grey Undertones

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This room lives up to the old expression that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  The architecture of the space is an industrial loft, and the decor takes excellent advantage of this. The blue rug has a blue-grey background with sharp lines etched in the plush pile.  This little detail mimics the multi-paned windows and does a fine job of drawing the eye upwards to emphasize the tall, airy space.  The designer also plays with white accents in the artwork, but sticks with a monochrome palette that enhances the cool, modern architecture and the sparse industrial aesthetic. 

Evoke New England Coast with Cream and Blue Rug

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This charming dining area in the Tower Suite of the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island was designed by Cindy Rinfret who started with the Asmara Ascot needlepoint rug in blue and white to evoke the New England coast. The dining area has a mix of sophisticated and rustic touches. Image courtesy Rinfret Ltd.

The white and blue rug has an elegant pattern of interlinked geometric motifs. The room’s white walls, natural wood crown molding and white ceiling evoke traditional New England style. Bright blue glasses add a whimsical pop of color to the dining table. The landscape painting features a coastal scene with tall, green grasses remind us of long walks along the beach.

Blue rugs are an essential part of setting a calm tone.  By using rounded accessories, keeping the color palette mostly soft, and keeping things simple and clean, your home will feel like a vacation with minimal effort.  Inner peace is at your door.

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