Blue Rugs Create Quintessential Color Combinations in 4 Interiors

In her book A Passion for Blue and White, Carolyne Roehm observes, “
Nature’s quintessential color combination of blue and white never ceases to amaze me.” Blue and white is a classic combination that can be conventional or unexpected, but it is always a crowd-pleaser. The secret to pulling off this classic look is choosing the perfect blue rug. The rooms featured today utilize four expertly chosen blue rugs that demonstrate how you can use blue and white in almost any room in your home.

Create a Classic Masculine Bedroom with Blue Rugs

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This Michael S. Smith designed guest room in an Upper East Side townhouse is the epitome of classic old New York Style anchored on a blue rug. Photo courtesy William Abranowicz and House Beautiful.

Designer Michael S. Smith actually lived in this townhome for a year while he renovated his own apartment. You can see the designer’s affinity for the space in this guest room. The dark black Portsmith canopy bed is dressed with dreamy blue plaid and paisley Kashmir pillows. The rug references 16th century blue and white porcelain-ware, a classic look that completes this masculine space.

Blue Rugs Enhance Traditional Details

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A traditional living room designed by Billy Baldwin at La Fiorentina is anchored on a blue rug.

When Baldwin embarked on this project, the homeowners told him, “let us remember that we bought the house because of what it is.  Let’s not revolutionize it.” He certainly took this advice to heart as he attempted to stay true to the traditional feel of the home. Although Baldwin decorated this space the early seventies, this classic look still holds up. The blue and white theme doesn’t look dated or even vintage; the room remains a comfortable and elegant space. The blue rug ties together the minimal use of pattern in the pillows and in the blue and white porcelain on the mantle.

Mix and Match Patterns with Blue Rugs

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A seaside breakfast room by Eliza Gatfield in Long Island, New York with a gorgeous blue rug. Photo Courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

Gatfield mixes blue and white patterns in this breakfast room to create a charming area for friends and family to share a meal. If you look closely, you will notice that each of the eight dining room chairs is covered in a different blue and white pattern; this combination prevents the room from looking too staid. To complete the look, Gatfield uses a blue rug with a large leaf theme.

Blue Rugs add Exotic Flair

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Sunny dining room by Jorge Elias in Sao Paulo, Brazil defined by a blue Peking rug. Photo Courtesy Roger Davies and Architectural Digest.

Jorge Elias demonstrates that blue and white are an excellent choice for dining rooms. In this dining room, Elias chose the classic color scheme to make a sunny, bright room seem even more fresh and inviting. The white bamboo chairs and layered blue rugs give the tiled floor a sense of warmth. The latticework details highlight the over-sized window. Once again, we see blue and white porcelain—old pieces are mixed with new to create an exotic and gorgeous effect.

You can’t go wrong with blue and white, so don’t be afraid to try this look in your home. With the right blue rug, you can achieve this “quintessential” color combination in any room.

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