Blue Rugs Enhance 4 Stunning Interiors by Amanda Nisbet

Designer Amanda Nisbet has a passion for unexpected and bold color choices. Though Nisbet has experimented with just about every color in the rainbow, blue is a favorite. The four rooms featured in today’s post are all designed by Amanda Nisbet and feature beautiful blue rugs that add comfort and elegance to each room.

Create a Luxurious Modern Living Room with Blue Rug

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This vibrant living room showcases Nisbet’s talent for balancing confidence, comfort, and sophistication. The striated blue rug provides the inspiration for the color palette in the rest of the room. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

A thick black, framed octagon mirror placed above the fireplace is a bold focal point which anchors the white mantle. The tufted blue velvet couch and matching bench add to the feeling of comfort and softness while maintaining a rich, luxurious appeal. Nisbet creates interest by layering many shades of blue and juxtaposing smooth and velvety textures. Purple pillows and pale grey walls add more cool colors. White fireplace and white trim on the walls and ceiling adds a crisp contrast. The cool blues, purples and greys are balanced by warm wood tones in the mirror frame and coffee table edges.

Add Energy with Patterns and Blue Rug

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This chic sitting room, utilizes a simple tonal stripe blue rug featuring one of Nisbet’s favorite color combinations–tonal shades of blue. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Blue and white geometric patterned pillows and a trio of white cocktail tables make the sitting room comfortable and stylish. Nisbet adds a pop of color with a hot pink mohair throw and pink daisies. We again see the use of many shades of blue to create energy and interest. White is again used to create crisp contrast- both in the coffee tables and the wall. The delicate blue rug and rice paper wall covering create dimension with slight textural contrast. Additional beautiful details include dark blue piping on the pale blue sofa and white piping on the dark blue sofa.

Design Serenely Colorful Living Room with Blue Rug

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Two matching blue and white geometric rugs pick up the deep royal blue color of the velvet couch and help tie the boldly patterned blue and white pillows and green chairs. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

Yellow and blue are colors which contrast and balance each other and Nisbet uses them very skilfully to create a sunny atmosphere in this living room. Nisbet frames a huge bay window with buttercup yellow floor-to-ceiling drapes. The spectacular view of the courtyard serves as a lovely backdrop for the rest of the elements in the room.  Unexpected hints of green in the chairs and potted ferns add to the variation and complexity in Nisbet’s design. We again see the use of several shades of blue and another cool color, in this case the emerald green on the two French chairs. White is again used for contrast-this time in the upholstery and low dividing walls. A brass light fixture with a leaf motif also serves as a sculptural work of art while adding another texture and warm color.

Design Chic Girl’s Bedroom with Geometric Blue Rug

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Nisbet combines playful and refined elements in her daughter’s bedroom in her New York City apartment. Image courtesy Amanda Nisbet.

The room is anchored by a trendy navy blue and white Greek key rug. The Greek key theme is also repeated on the headboard. The pink and navy coordinating bed skirt, headboard, and roman shade keeps the room looking fresh and fun. A simple bookcase and leather slipper chair complete this look.

The next time you are considering adding color to a room, draw your inspiration from Amanda Nisbet and use a chic and stylish blue rug. Anchoring a space with a blue rug can add a feeling of comfort and bring elegance and sophistication to your design.

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