Blue Savonnerie Carpets Adorn 5 Interiors Fit for Royalty

While Savonnerie rugs have long been associated with royalty, the color blue makes this connection even stronger because blue has long been thought of as a royal color as evidenced by the shade of blue named royal blue. Emotionally blue has a calming effect. When we are calm and relaxed our imagination has free reign and we are open to new possibilities, hence the phrase “blue sky thinking.” In ancient times blue was an expensive color so only the very privileged could afford it. It was natural then that Savonnerie carpets often contained the royal color. In today’s post we look at 5 stunning interiors with blue Savonnerie rugs and learn what makes these rooms fit for royalty.

Blue Savonnerie Carpet Adorns Elsie de Wolfe’s Villa Trianon

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A great starting point for our journey into all things azure is Elise de Wolfe’s beloved salon at Villa Trianon. The delightful cushions are adorned in needlepoint with de Wolfe’s bon mots – their aqua and lavender hues echo accents in the cream and blue Savonnerie carpet.

Blue Savonnerie Carpet Elevates Four Seasons Firenze

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The opulent interiors of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence have Aubusson and Savonnerie carpets in key spaces such as this dining room in the Royal Suite. This Aubusson or Savonnerie carpet combines architectural and floral motifs in cream, gold, beige and blue. The pattern of the rug resonates with the frescoes on the ceiling. Reddish-beige ceiling, walls and drapes pick up the accent colors in the rug adding warmth to the room. The blue dining chairs and blue curtains pick up the regal blue tones in the rug and give the room a calm and sophisticated ambiance. Image courtesy Four Seasons Firenze.

Savonnerie Carpets Enrich England’s Stately Homes

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Savonnerie carpets are found in the famous stately homes of England. Here, we see an exquisite blue Savonnerie carpet in a Persian pattern in the salon of Uppark House, a 17th century British National Trust property near Petersfield, West Sussex. The room is thought to have been designed by James Paine, who famously worked to infuse English homes with the embellishments of the Rococo period. The navy and gold Savonnerie carpet lends a strong foundation to the space and provides a contrast in pattern and color to the white and gold neoclassical ceiling and walls. Photo by Nadia McKenzie, National Trust.

Savonnerie Carpets in Neoclassical Interiors

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Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill’s book The Life of The House illustrates the stylistic evolution of England’s homes, how the English live in them and how the fashions of the day have influenced interiors. The image shows a blue Savonnerie carpet in neoclassical drawing room in an English country home featured in Spencer-Churchill’s book. While the room has such modern conveniences as electric lighting, the navy Savonnerie carpet framed by the herringbone parquet flooring transports us back several centuries when the plasterwork on the Corinthian columns was still fresh. Image from The Life of the House.

Savonnerie Carpets Enhance Metropolitan Museum

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As we conclude our journey through luxurious interiors featuring blue Savonnerie carpets, I would be remiss if I failed to include the fabulous Gallery 525 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A blue and gold Savonnerie carpet with a royal heritage anchors cream and gold Boiserie from Hôtel de Varengeville a gift to the Met by style icon Jayne Wrightsman. The cream and gold French Boiserie paneling features intricate scroll work that resonate so amazingly with the regal blue and gold Savonnerie carpet, it is hard to imagine this room without one or the other of these beautiful objects. Image courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Savonnerie carpets are among the most prestigious objects for the home. Add to this the historic associations of the color blue with royalty and you have the ingredients for creating an amazing sense of presence in your next interior project.

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