Brad Ford Gives “Modern a Warm Soul” with Contemporary Wool Rugs

grey, green, blue striped contemporary wool rug, brad ford interior design The plush undulating stripes of the sea blue contemporary wool rug give this living room a warm and comfortable feel. Try this thought experiment- imagine how this room would feel if the rug was removed. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote .”..The soul of the apartment is the carpet. From it are deduced not only the hues but the forms of all objects incumbent. A judge at common law may be an ordinary man; a good judge of a carpet must be a genius…” 

Brad Ford the subject of today’s post is on many interior design magazines’s top lists. Brad’s interiors have been described as having a “modern aesthetic with a warm soul” and the Franklin Report quotes two clients: “ Brad is one of the few designers that really knows how to make modern livable and responsive” and “ “To know Brad Ford is to love him. He is the warmest, nicest person you could ever have the pleasure of working with.”

In today’s post we will look at my favorite Brad Ford rooms and see if Edgar Allan Poe was right. Is the “warm soul” of Brad Ford’s interiors “the carpet”! One way to judge the truth of this saying is to re-imagine each of these rooms without the contemporary wool rug in place. As a rug designer, I am used to doing this. I cover the portion of a picture where the rug is and see how the room feels.

black, white, brown, cream zebra rug, Brad Ford Interior Design

Granted the zebra rug takes up only a small portion of the this living room’s floor, even so, just try and cover up the rug with your right hand and you will see how this room suddenly feels incomplete. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

Grey contemporary wool rug, manhattan penthouse, Brad Ford ID

The living room of this Manhattan penthouse would feel cold without the green-gray contemporary wool rug. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

Striped grey contemporary wool rug, manhattan penthouse living room, Brad Ford ID

Another seating area of the same Manhattan penthouse living room, this section has a striped gray contemporary wool rug. I love the dark brown natural tree trunk table. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

Cream contemporary wool rug, Brad Ford Interior Design

I wanted to include at least one room with color. A cream shaggy textured contemporary wool rug envelopes this living room like a warm woolly coat. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

black, white striped contemporary wool rug, Brad Ford Interior Design

In the dining room of the Manhattan penthouse a black and white stripe contemporary wool rug defines the dining area and gives this room a feeling of home. Image courtesy Brad Ford.

Blue, green undulating stripes contemporary wool rug, Asmara rug

Assisi contemporary wool rug has sea green and sea blue stripes that have been shaded with hundreds of colors to give them an undulating appearance even though the surface of the rug is flat.

Black, white, beige stripe contemporary wool rug, Asmara rug

Trevi contemporary wool rug in black, cream and beige stripes, can be custom made in sizes up to 40’x70′

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