Bring Nature Indoors: How to Decorate with Green Rugs

At our core, we crave open spaces natural light and as Tom Jones so famously sings, “It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home.” Those words ring true perhaps because, from forest floors to farmers’ fields, much of the world’s natural carpet is green. All the more reason to consider the allure of green rugs for your next interior design project.

Bring Calm to a Formal Rooms with a Green Rug

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Image courtesy of Peter Vitale Photography and the White House Historical Association.

A great place to begin our exploration of green rugs for interior spaces is in the Green Room at the White House designed by Ken Blasingame during the Bush administration. Stately fixtures and fittings aside, the shell of this space is as green as could be. The green rugs chosen for the floor of the Green Room have changed with the tastes and styles of the residents at the time of the renovation. The green Aubusson rug that was chosen in 2007 to adorn the floor of the Green Room does a fabulous job of bringing the colors of nature into the formalized confines of the White House, creating an energized space.

Make a Room Feel Larger by Bring Nature Indoors with Green Rug

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Because we are effectively programmed to like green, designers often use the color to cover large swathes of space – but unlike other color options, using green does an amazing job of enhancing the breathable atmosphere of a room. The choice to use green rugs in this room, by David Simmons and Andre Walker of Walker Simmons Designs, gives the space an open starting point. Smaller windows might be seen as a negative in other settings, but using green in combination with natural patterns works to open the area and bring nature indoors so the space feels very satisfying to be in.

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere with Green Rugs

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In this 1970’s style makeover by Lauren Leiss, green rugs are used in a number of places throughout the home to increase the natural, relaxed atmosphere that’s conducive to happy family living. The living room has a gorgeous light green rug with greenish-gold accents to enhance the open, organic feel of this traditional family home.

Create a Playful and Memorable Room by Mixing Colors with Green Rugs

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Though the examples above imply an air of formality, one of the brilliant advantages of choosing green rugs is that nature is anything but formal. You can work with the fact that stems, leaves and grass grow how and where they choose in the wild – and use this playful quality of nature to introduce more varied colors and even surprising prints to your interior design.

Consider the famous work of interior design legend Dorothy Draper at the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The outrageous large-print leaves in the green rug seem to have nothing to do with the bright blue upholstered chairs or the wide blue and white vertical stripes on the walls – yet at the same time, you can’t imagine the elements within this room working as well together if you were to take out the bold green rug.

Design a Memorable Room with Green Rug with a Large Scale Pattern

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Image courtesy Scott Snyder

Dialing it down a notch, green rugs play an intricate role in the dining room of this Palm Beach mansion designed by Scott Snyder. Rich silk draperies, Chinoiserie-style wall panels, Louis XV chairs and other exquisite details are brought together by a stunning Aubusson rug with a large scale floral pattern which helps create a symphony of open, natural splendor.

Green Rugs Send a Message of Vitality, Growth and Engagement

Because your interiors are a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been and what you hope for, choosing green rugs to showcase your connection with nature sends a subtle, grounding message. A message of vitality, growth and engagement that serves as a great welcome to those who enter your space.

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