Bring the Romance of the Sea to Your Living Room with Chic Blue Rugs

Think of long morning walks, the sound of seabirds, the soft lapping of water at low tide, the scent of wild rose bushes and glorious sunsets. Now imagine walking back home from the beach and before you enter the living room, you stop and dream of how you want your living room to look. You visualize comfortable seating in colors that flow seamlessly from the outdoors- a favorite chair by the window where you would nestle with a book and then a comfortable sofa to stretch out on.  You would have mementos, pictures of family, reminders from favorite travels and works of art. Now I invite you to view the living room design I created after these musings.

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Enjoy warm summer afternoons in this living room filled with the romance of the sea. This room has a rich mix of textures that range from the polished surface of the white lacquered French armchairs to the sand colored velvet on the sofa and the luxurious cut and loop pile of the handmade blue rug.
I based my color palette on the fact that the sea and the sky have an infinite number of shades of blue. Taking this cue from nature, I brought in many shades of blue ranging from dark navy to pale sky blue. Having many shades of blue enriches the room and gives it a feeling of depth and sophistication.
As a reminder of long walks along the beach I brought in painted and salvaged wood which is intermingled with luxurious fabrics. Fabric with patterns inspired by different cultures along the Silk road cover Louis XVI style chairs by Maison Jansen bringing an aura of worldly sophistication.
We know that the blue of the ocean looks most appealing when seen from the beach. This due to the contrast of the warm beiges and golds of the sand against the cool blue of the ocean. When you juxtapose cool and warm colors it makes the room visual more satisfying. Taking this lesson from nature, the sofa is upholstered in a sand colored velvet to balance the blue rug and the blue fabrics.The wood tones of the furniture pieces add additional warm tones.
The pleasing contrast of white flapping wings against the blue sky is carried through in the white chair and sofa frames which are covered in blue fabrics or sand colored fabrics.
The warm sandy beiges, wood tones and crisp whites and many shades of blue carry the romantic colors of the sea directly into your home. This living room is in harmony with nature’s colors which makes it a haven where you can relax, restore and rejuvenate yourself and enjoy romantic evenings.
This living room is also a perfect place to gather with friends while surrounded by the glamor of tasteful furnishings and well chosen art and antiques.

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