Bunny Williams Designs Stunning Interiors with Needlepoint Rugs

Venerable designer Bunny Williams once said, “I like an interior that defies labeling. I really don’t want someone to walk into a room and know that I did it.” Ms. Williams obviously wants to avoid a formulaic approach to her own designs, something she really doesn’t have to worry about given her prodigious talents. If there is one thing that Williams designed interiors show is that she has a penchant for needlepoint rugs. Since each room is so different, you will be hard put to identify them as a William’s design, but all these rooms do highlight the desirability of decorating with needlepoint rugs; they are a favorite of many leading interior designers including Bunny Williams, David Easton and Michael S. Smith.

As one of the top names in American design, Bunny Williams and her choice of needlepoint rugs have been featured in prominent design publications like House Beautiful, Town & Country and Elle Decor. Williams designed several Kips Bay Decorator Show Houses, has been on the AD100 List many times and was also named to Elle Decor’s A-list as one of America’s top 25 designers. When it comes to needlepoint rugs, Williams knows what it’s all about! See how Williams designs stunning rooms with needlepoint rugs.

Bessarabian Style Needlepoint Rug Enriches Colorful Living Room

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A needlepoint rug with a Bessarabian pattern and many colors adorns a Bunny Williams living room. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

A living room designed by Bunny Williams utilizes a needlepoint rug in almost all the colors from red to blue. A neutral color scheme on the sofa, walls and window treatments allow the needlepoint rug to make a statement. It also allows the reds, yellows and greens of the needlepoint rug to link to the floral prints of the chair and pillows that have a similar color palette, pulling the room together.

Antique Needlepoint Rug Brings European Atmosphere to Bedroom

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Bunny Williams enjoys needlepoint rugs so much she uses them in her own home, such as this needlepoint rug in her master bedroom in her home in Connecticut. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Bunny chose a needlepoint rug with a muted color palette for her bedroom in her Connecticut home. A golden brown background sets off red, gold and white floral motifs, a color scheme that is repeated throughout the room. The green in the bedding contrasts with the warm colors of the rug and balances the overall color palette of the room.

English Needlepoint Rug Adds Romance to Provence Bedroom

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A bedroom done in traditional English design has a decidedly feminine air, helped along by the needlepoint rug chosen by designer Bunny Williams. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

The floral pattern of the needlepoint rug from a Bunny Williams bedroom in Provence is repeated throughout the room, with pink, cream and green being repeated over and over. It all contrasts with the dark wood furniture.

Floral Needlepoint Rug Brings a Modern Look to Chic Bedroom

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Floral patterns from this room’s needlepoint rugs are also repeated in other fabrics, though Williams chose a plaid and checkered pattern to mix it up. Image courtesy The Interior Archive.

The dusky rose pink of this needlepoint rug is the common color in this bedroom designed by Bunny Williams. The dusky rose is found in the floral needlepoint rug, in the plaid-patterned chair, in the bench at the foot of the bed, in the bed skirt and blanket and even in the upholstered headboard. Neutral features—such as the background of the rug, the legs of the bench, the white linens on the bed and the walls—allow the dusky pink of all the different patterns and motifs to show better.

Needlepoint rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors and offer designers like Bunny Williams the ability to design distinctive interiors that feel warm and inviting. You can learn from these interiors how to design your own special room with needlepoint rugs.

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