Carrier & Co. Sleek Stylish Room on Striped Pastel Oriental Rug

Striped pastel oriental rug, Carrier and Company, Elle Decor 2011 Concept House
Carrier and Company unified this sleek and stylish living room with a pastel striped Oriental rug for the 2011 Elle Decor Concept House. Image courtesy Carrier & Co.

Pastel striped rug, Elle Decor Concept House, Carrier and Company
Jessie Carrier and Mara Miller are among three of Elle Decor’s top designers to watch in 2011. The striped oriental rug has blue, greenish yellow, copper, brass and dark brown stripes to pull together all the colors in the room. Image courtesy Carrier & Co.

One of the most elegant dances is the waltz.  From the music to the rhythm and moves of the dancers, the waltz conveys a sleek and stylish grace that cannot be mistaken.  Carrier and Company create a waltz of their own with the design of this charming living room.

The first step of this delicate dance begins with the striped pastel Oriental rug. Through the rhythms and balance of the pastel colors the room is opened to the dance floor for the soothing cadence of this waltz.

Careful steps are taken to add fresh colors with yellow, blue, copper and brown tones that glide across the view of those who witness this dance of décor.  Strategic placement of a round mirror and pictures balance the window light and provide a promenade of welcome and beauty.

When  into this living room, the balance and rhythm easily brings you into step.  From the comfortable sofas with delicate pillows to whisk you off your feet, to the copper tones of the tables that ground you solidly – you will enjoy and be exhilirated by this living room.

The choice of the striped pasted Oriental rug is very strategic and appropriately placed to invite people into the living room while bringing out the colors and artistry of the other pieces within.  The song of this unique room design is endless and can keep you coming back for another dance again and again.

Design advice from Carrier and Company:

“To be able to try the space on for a little while and then ease your way into the decorating is always good”.

“You can buy one piece at a time and keep adding to it. Take your time, pick the right piece, bring it in. Or buy things from retailers that you can return so if you make a mistake, it can go back. I think decorating’s supposed to be fun.”

Blue, gold, green, striped oriental rug, Asmara rug

Corsica striped oriental rug can be custom ordered in any color and a variety of handmade rug weaves.

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