Chic Green Rugs Bring a Luxurious Feeling to Rooms

Green rugs can make a room feel really luxurious, and, depending on their tone, they can also balance out stronger tones in a room. Use pale green green rugs in rooms that have stronger visual elements like dark flooring and furnishings featuring vibrant pops of color. Use green rugs with deeper colors when you want to them to ground a space.

Green Rugs in Oprah’s Guest House

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A pale green rug in a tone on tone damask pattern adorns a cozy guest house study designed for Oprah Winfrey by Andre Walker and David Simmons. Image courtesy Andre Walker and David Simmons.

If you mention the name “Andre Walker,” people around the world would immediately recognize the name of Oprah Winfrey’s long-term hair stylist. The media mogul wouldn’t leave home without making sure her tresses were coiffed by the mane magician. It may come as something of a surprise to many people that Walker is also a talented interior decorator, having worked with some of the best interior designers in the world.

His partner, designer David Simmons, has worked in design for the past 15 years, working with five-star hotels and on personal residences. The two men share a passionate love of antiques, fine art and fabrics, liberally incorporating those elements into their designs. Walker Simmons Designs creates timeless spaces that are luxurious yet cozy. They love to use furniture that’s been passed down through a family, re purposing many of those items for modern-day use. If you don’t have inherited items, they can find items that look like they came straight out of your grandparents’ home. They love working with color, so green rugs are practically a staple in their design bag of tricks.

This gorgeous room is in the guest house on Oprah Winfrey’s Santa Barbara estate. Pale green rugs with floral patterns like this one provide a soft, dreamy surface for the mix of furnishings, color and textures in the room. Items like the Biedermeier desk and the Art Deco tray table all came from Oprah’s old farmhouse in Indiana. Pale green rugs in rooms filled with lots of different colors and textures don’t compete with the other elements in the room, allowing those elements to shine. The tented ceiling made of fabric literally serves as the room’s crowning jewel.

Pale Green Rugs Create Balance

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A green rug with a geometric pattern anchors several shades of yellow-green, blue-green, cream, white and black in a bedroom seating area desgined by Meg Braff. Image courtesy Meg Braff.

Billy Baldwin said that comfort is the ultimate luxury, and acclaimed interior designer Meg Braff has taken that philosophy to heart. Featured in top shelter magazines ranging from House Beautiful to Southern living, this Parson grad’s signature style could be described as traditional chic. Her goal with every project is to create rooms that are comfortable, beautiful and welcoming spaces that fill the occupants with the joy of home. She favors bold colors loves to mix modern and traditional furnishings and accessories. She’s designed homes from New York City to the Hamptons to Bermuda, and she has designed several of the villas at the luxurious Round Hill resort in Jamaica. Her in-demand wallpaper collection allows her to flex her graphic design muscles, playing with scale and color.

This master bedroom in an East Hampton home is a perfect showcase for Braff’s talents. Green rugs in master bedrooms can be extraordinarily soothing, lulling you to sleep with their soft, rich tones. The green rug in this room features a delicate geometric pattern that balances out the colors on the walls, which are covered in Kelly green Manila hemp grass cloth by Phillip Jeffries. Pale grey and white are present on the fireplace trim as well as the drapes. These colors work well with green rugs to create rooms that feel peaceful and beautiful, while creating visual relief from the more powerful colors in the room.

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