Chic Interiors Mix Aubusson Rugs, Mid Century and Contemporary

When starting an interior design project, there are certain qualities some of us struggle to achieve with the mix of materials we are given. This is particularly difficult when blending styles from seemingly incompatible eras – but stately accessories like Aubusson rugs can be helpful in assembling incredible rooms. One of the key reasons Aubusson rugs are successful in creating a cohesive personality for a variety of interiors is the traditional processes by which these rugs are still made today – by hand, as shown in this amazing video that allows us to watch a skilled artisan weave Aubusson rugs using traditional methods, where the designs are based on an original painting.

The care, attention to detail and precision with which these fiber artists work is astonishing – and showcases why Aubusson rugs are an exquisite selection for the foundation of your next interior design project.

Aubusson Rugs Make it Easy to Anchor Different Decorative Styles

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Bold colors, such as the high-contrast red, black and cream scheme used here by Inson Dubois Wood for the Holiday House 2011 project, are wonderfully uplifted by the interaction between a beige and gold classic Aubusson rug and the black and white large scale geometric pattern of the floor. Wood’s uses a collage of chic mid-century furnishings, including an iconic 50s dining set by Ico Parisi and caps it all off with a stunning bronze Herve van der Straeten chandelier by Maison Gerard. The blending of mid-century, modern, Asian and classical styles in this single room is an inspiring example of just what you can achieve with carefully selected pieces from a variety of periods.

Create a Stylish Room with Neoclassical Furniture and Arbus Aubusson Rug

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Similarly, when W magazine featured the Biarritz home of antiques dealer Yves Gastou, they advised their readers to “expect the unexpected”. With the resources an antiques dealer has at his disposal, it’s no surprise to see a living room featuring neoclassical elements alongside armchairs by Jean-Charles Moreux and a Jansen coffee table – all resting atop a stunning, geometric Aubusson rug designed by André Arbus. What’s old is new indeed.

Combine the Excitement of Louis XVI and Modernism

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Another excellent example of the unifying factor Aubusson rugs have on room design can be found in the 1930s New York apartment of Nelson Rockefeller as decorated by Jean-Michel Frank. Rockefeller’s brief to the wildly successful European decorator was simple, “to do something in the style of Louis XVI, with its excitement and beauty, but done in a modern way.” No surprise to see Frank’s use of bold colors, familiar Louis XVI shapes and original murals adorning the walls. But, perhaps the most signature piece of this collection is the stunning Aubusson rug, designed by Christian Bérnard with floral motifs in the Art Deco style. The huge pop of color, paired with lighter details adds an extra breath of air to a space that Rockefeller summed up best, “It had elements of the past styled in a contemporary way, combining richness and quality with the simplicity of the modern. To me, it was ideal.”

Michael S. Smith Designs an Ethereal Room with Directoire Aubusson Rug

Aubusson rugs, Aubusson rugs for sale, French Aubusson rugs, Aubusson carpets

In a Central Park apartment where Michael S. Smith was charged with creating an ethereal atmosphere, he anchored his client’s aspirations in a neoclassical framework, including Aubusson rugs. Featured in Architectural Digest, the room features a majestic 18th century German gilt-wood mirror , a Louis XVI mahogany daybed , and pulling it all together is a yellow and green geometric Directoire Aubusson rug.

The variety of patterns, palettes, and possibilities that Aubusson rugs offer is too powerful to be ignored.

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