Chic Relaxing Interior Mixes Mid Century Modern with Needlepoint Rug

Today’s chic and relaxing living room design scheme mixes mid century modern furniture with a gorgeous needlepoint rug. The needlepoint rug adds softness, warmth and lyrical movement to the straight lines of mid century modern creating a highly fashionable and distinctive look.Needlepoint rugs, needlepoint rugs for sale, needlepoint rug, floral needlepoint rugs, blue and gold needlepoint rugs

The curves of the blue chair and the straight lines of the modern recamier create a stylish mix with the lyrical vine pattern of the Gradella needlepoint rug. The blue tones in the needlepoint rug inspire the calming fabric and wall colors while the warm golds, browns, taupe and coral in the rug balance the cool blues and greens. Image © Asmara, Inc.

A living room sets the tone for the entire home and if it feels cold, it sends the wrong message and stays unused.

Now imagine coming home after a long day and feeling instantly relaxed upon entering your living home. Today’s living room design scheme shows how to design a stylish and relaxing living room.

Five tips for designing a chic and relaxing living room by mixing mid century with needlepoint rugs:

1. Soften the lines of mid century modern furniture with a lyrical needlepoint rug

We chose a needlepoint rug with a lyrical pattern to add warmth and softness to the straight lines of the recamier and Gustavian chest and complement the curves of the Danish lounge chair.

2. Select a needlepoint rug with a calming balance of cool and warm colors

Blues have a calming effect, but can make a room feel cold unless they are balanced by warm secondary colors. The blues and greens in the Gradella needlepoint rug are warmed by golds, browns and corals in the rug. The warm colors in the rug resonate with the teak frame of the Danish lounge chair and the base and legs of the ottoman/coffee table.

3. Create a feeling of reassurance by introducing elements inspired by nature and history.

Nature has healing powers and historical patterns reassure us. The floral and vine pattern of the Gradella needlepoint rug is inspired by the natural beauty of the Italian countryside and its classical pattern gives a reassuring feeling.

4. Choose rugs and fabrics of natural materials untreated by chemicals

Chemical finishes on rugs and fabrics can be injurious to health and their odors can add to stress. The Gradella needlepoint rug is made entirely by hand with natural wool, and unlike 99% of rugs, Gradella  has no chemical finishes. Walking barefoot on untreated natural materials such as wool and leather has a relaxing effect.

5. Mix different textures to add depth, interest and comfort

There is a large range of textures ranging from the smooth blue silk on the Danish chair, to the metal of the ceiling light fixture, the luminous cobalt bases of the table lamps, the medium texture of the gray recamier fabric and nubby texture of the needlepoint rug. This mix of textures and materials looks stylish and enhances the feeling of comfort.

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Blue, yellow, green and coral needlepoint rug; Recamier; Danish lounge chair on teak frame; Mid-century round teak ottoman/coffee table; Green Tole ceiling Light Fixture; Chest of drawers in the Gustavian style; Pair of spun acrylic ball shape table lamps ; Gray Paint; Blue Paint

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