Cream and Gold Aubusson Rugs Enrich 4 Traditional Interiors

Once only available to the nobility of France, Aubusson rugs are an extremely valuable tool in an interior designer’s arsenal. The most desirable Aubusson rugs have cream, beige or gold background colors with two or three accent colors. As the four stunning interiors in today’s post will show, these Aubusson rugs are very flexible and will work in many kinds of interiors. These Aubusson rugs can completely change the appearance of a room and pull together different elements in a room into a harmonious design.

Aubusson rugs are made with the same centuries old hand weaving method that is used to make the large tapestries seen on museum walls and in the castles and palaces of Europe. Aubusson rug have been in fashion ever since they first began to be made in the village of Aubusson in France in the mid 1700’s and they continue to be used by leading decorators such as Michael S. Smith, David Easton, Bunny Williams and Alberto Pinto to name just a few.

Bring Airy, Well Lit Look to Traditional Room with Cream Aubusson Rug

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A cream Aubusson rug with red, beige and golden-green accent colors anchors red, beige and green fabrics in this elegant traditional living room. The light color of the Aubusson rug reflects light and makes this room feel well lit.

It is interesting to note that the fairly small amounts of red, beige and golden-green accent colors in the Aubusson rug are sufficient to tie together the large amounts of red and green in the chair and drapery fabric. The reason the designer did not choose an Aubusson rug with larger amounts of red and green is because it would have made the room look too dark. This Aubusson rug has a large areas of light colors that reflect the light and make the room feel airy and well lit. 

Create Romantic, Light Filled Parisian Dining Room with Cream Aubusson Rug

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Muted gold and red accents in the Aubusson rug anchor red and gold dining chairs and wall tapestry in this antique filled dinning room that recalls romantic Paris. Interior design by William Eubanks.

Aubusson rugs are the perfect accent piece for antique furniture and charming, old-world designs. A gentle, light-colored Aubusson rug contributes to a cozy, aged appearance. In the above example, the cream-colored Aubusson rug works perfectly in tandem with the antique lighting fixtures to create warmth and light. Without the Aubusson rug, the room would be significantly darker and would be weighed down by the dark floor coloring and dark antique furniture.

Bring Sophistication and Flair with Gold and Blue Accented Aubusson Rug

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Designed by famous Parisian designer Alberto Pinto, this New York apartment appears deceptively simple. The gold sea-horse chair and the French desk with ormolu (gilt bronze) are anchored by the gold accented ornate Aubusson rug. The ornate border of the rug resonates with the design of the furniture.

Gold-accented Aubusson rugs can be used to create an immediate impression of sophistication and luxury. In the above room the gold accents of the rug tie directly into the furniture pieces and the gold frames of the paintings. The blue accents in the Aubusson rug anchor the blue walls and the white and dark wood tones provide contrast to the golds and blues in the room. If you were to remove the Aubusson rug the various elements in the room would feel disconnected.

Unify an Eclectic Space with a Subtle Aubusson Rug

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In designer David Hare’s Loire valley country house a cream Aubusson rug with rose and gold accent colors anchors cream and gold furniture and antiques and objects collected on David Hare’s travels.  Image courtesy Mark Luscombe-Whyte/The Interior Archive.

A large light-colored Aubusson rug is ideal for creating harmony in a room. In David Hare’s living room the cream, beige and red Aubusson rug provides a subtle pattern and color and pulls together the cream, gold and red furniture and accessories. The lyrical design of the Aubusson rug allows the designer to add eclectic accent pieces such as calligraphy, candle holders, lamps, sculptures and ornate boxes. Without the Aubusson rug to tie it together, this room would look unbalanced and incomplete. Certain elements, such as the sculptures and boxes on the table, would have been perceived as busy were it not for Aubusson rug tying them into a harmonious design scheme.

The four interiors in today’s post all feature cream Aubusson rug with accent colors that help ground the furniture, fabrics and wall colors into a harmonious and pleasing design. The advantage of light colored Aubusson rugs over rugs with darker colors is that they make the room look light filled and airy. We have seen that light colored Aubusson rugs are extremely flexible and they can be used to anchor dark colored furniture as in the first room or light colored furniture as in the fourth room, or mid-toned furniture as in the second and third rooms.

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