Create Daring, Luxurious Interiors with Gold Oushak Rugs

Sir Cecil Beaton wore many hats in his life- celebrity photographer, painter, fashion designer and interior decorator. He once advised, “Be daring. Be different. Be impractical. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safer’s, the creatures of the commonplace, and the slaves of the ordinary.”

There are few colors that fit Beaton’s advice better than the color gold, and Oushak rugs often contain some of the most beautiful shades of gold. Gold Oushak rugs are lavish, daring, truly imaginative and never commonplace. If we follow Sir Cecil’s advice, gold Oushak rugs can help us define our own decorating style with imagination and verve.

Famous interior designers have utilized gold Oushak rugs to create the imaginative and the extraordinary. If you desire luxury, drama and a unique aesthetic, then try gold Oushak rugs.

Create Daring, Exotic Rooms with Gold Oushak Rugs

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This gold and cream Oushak rug echoes the warm, gold tones from the ancient-looking walls while also drawing a parallel to the modern cream couch. Interior design and image courtesy John Saladino

Oushak rugs with golden tones are an opulent complement to any exotic design styling. The gold and cream Oushak rug in this room designed by John Saladino adds to the room’s luxurious and exotic air. John Saladino knows something about such design; he is a romantic who began his career as a modernist. Now he loves to mix the old and the new. One can always sense a bit of ancient Rome mixed with modern sensibilities. Saladino often uses Oushak rugs in his work because these rugs also combine the historical and the contemporary- the patterns of Oushak rugs go back centuries while their colors feel very modern. This Oushak rug brings the room together with a flair that would have gotten an approving nod from Beaton.

Realize Bold Eclectic Design with Gold Oushak Rugs

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The daring gold of the Oushak rug in an eclectic room done by Bunny Williams pulls the various elements of the room together, such as the gold in the blue and gold Coromandel screen, the gold leather of the settee and the gilded shell on the table. Image courtesy Bunny Williams.

Some Oushak rugs have intense gold tones, such as this rug chosen by Bunny Williams. The Oushak rug provides an atmosphere of grandeur, and the glittering gold tone takes it up another notch! The gold is repeated throughout the room, creating that daring purpose and imagination that is the opposite of ordinary, as envisioned by Beaton.

Add Drama to Traditional Design with Oushak Rug

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The delicate gold hues of the Oushak rug in a room by Michael Taylor add to the atmosphere of rustic glamor Taylor was famous for. Image courtesy Michael Taylor.

The legendary interior designer Michael Taylor was certainly in sync with Beaton’s philosophy. Taylor invented the style of light walls, over-sized furniture and glamorous accessories known as the California Look. Gold Oushak rugs are right at home, as exemplified by the grand tapestry large-scale zebra pattern on the chairs and ample use of gold and green which creates a luxurious yet modern ambiance.

Add Warmth and Glamor to Contemporary Rooms with Oushak Rug

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Gold Oushak rugs add warmth  and glamor to this contemporary room and balance the cool blue of the drapes and the porcelain.

The gold Oushak rug adds drama and liveliness to the neutral white and black tones of this living room. The rug’s subtle design echoes the intricate pattern on the blue-and-white vases, adds to the mix of textures and provides a contrast to the furniture’s solid colors and straight lines.

Gold Oushak rugs can help you design daring and unique rooms and escape from the commonplace and the ordinary.

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