Create Tranquil and Charming Rooms with Blue Rugs: 5 Chic Interiors

Blue is a calming color and covers the largest surface areas on our planet– the sky and the sea. Color psychologists even claim it can lower pulse rate and body temperature. Looking for a way to create the ultimate Zen space? Using blue as a predominant color can help you create a room that is tranquil and serene. These five rooms use blue rugs to create a peaceful mood and a chic look.

Create a Calm, Chic Living Room with Blue Floral Rug

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This gorgeous living room by Drake Design Associates uses similar shades of blue to create a feeling that is calm but not boring. The large scale floral pattern in the blue rug creates the feeling of moving water. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Subtle use of patterns helps create visual appeal: the large scale, tonal pattern in the blue rug, the gentle curve in the wall and the border on the drapes provide just the right amount of pattern in the space. Comfortable-looking round chairs and a cushioned sofa create an inviting conversation area, and the stately fireplace adds a regal feel. A gently sloping wall adds to the soft feeling of this room, creating a vibe that makes you want to settle in and get cozy. The dark wood fireplace and mirror surround adds warmth and balances the large expanses of cool blue. The white ceiling adds crispness.

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 This view of the living room shows how Jamie Drake used the pink in the abstract landscape  painting and the peonies to add warmth and create pop. The black frame around the painting ties in with the black wood in the furniture and create contrast. White ceiling and table lamps add crispness. By using many shades of blue Drake added interest and layering. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Bring Seaview Indoors with Contemporary Blue Rug

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This amazing living room design uses a light blue-green almost exactly the same shade as the ocean outside to bring a sense of the sea indoors. Floor to ceiling drapes and a contemporary blue rug enhance the effect, as do glass doors that dominate one side of the room. Simple, modern pieces create a stylish and relaxing space for sea-gazing – a sturdy but comfortable Klismos back upholstered chair and overstuffed sofa with a soft, fuzzy throw provide cozy seating options. An oval leather ottoman again mimics the color of the sea, and fresh flowers bring outdoor elements inside.

Create Sunny, Sky-Filled Room with Blue Oriental Rug

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Designer Eliza Gatfield used a white and blue oriental rug in a bright and airy breakfast room designed with the help of architect Stuart Disston to bring the sun and sea inside. Image courtesy Traditional Home Magazine.

The room is dominated by enormous white-framed windows, which disappear to create a sense of openness and fresh air. An adorable blue rug with a large, leafy pattern creates an anchor for a sturdy wood dining table, which is surrounded by recycled chairs upholstered in mismatched blue flowered prints. The overall effect is comfortable, charming and very chic. 

Create Chic International Look with Patterns and Blue Geometric Rug

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This simple seating are room mixes at least half a dozen patterns in blue on a blue geometric rug to create a Moroccan feel that is tranquil instead of overwhelming. Photo courtesy We Heart It.

The simple wood bench sofa continues the theme, with patterned cutout panels. Soft accent pillows and a low side table in a metallic silver make the room feel cozy and inviting. The geometric pattern of the blue rug balances the curvilinear patterns in the fabrics and wall covering.

Punch Up Energy with Striped Blue Rug

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The beautiful two-tone blue striped rug provides a bold but soothing anchor point to a cozy beach living room by Daniel Romualdez Architects. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Wood-paneled walls provide beach-cottage charm, while a mix of several floral fabrics create a room that is comfortable and whimsical. The overstuffed sofa, chaise and draped armchair provide an inviting place to read a book or chat with guests. A reclaimed wood coffee table creates a rustic, weathered centerpiece for a gorgeous vase of blue flowers to complement the palette. The pale yellow color of the wall paneling and the brown wood of the coffee table add warmth and balance the cool blues. Flowered accent pillows and a painting of white lilies above the sofa complete the look.

If you’re looking for a way to create a soothing and chid space, blue rugs can be a charming way to create a serene, subtle and stylish look. Try mixing shades and prints to achieve an effect that is both appealing and relaxing. Remember to balance the cool blues with warm colors such as yellow, gold, brown wood tones and even pops of red or orange.

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