Damask Rug: Decorate With Pink But Avoid Pink Rugs

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Eric Guenther grounded this beautiful pink living room on a flexible beige and taupe Alcazar damask rug. Eric shows clients how to create a high style pink room without getting locked into a pink rug.

Interior Designer Eric Guenther founder of Whim Home in San Juan Capistrano, CA loves pink so much he has decorated an entire section of Whim Home in pink and has named his interior design practice Studio Pink. Last week while visiting Whim Home, I asked Eric what advice he gives clients who wish to decorate with pink:

1. Ground your pink room on a flexible damask rug and not on a pink rug.

A decorative rug is one of the costliest objects in a living room or a dining room. While you can easily reupholster a pink sofa, you cannot easily re-purpose a pink rug. In time you may desire an entirely different color scheme or a different decorating style. Choose a rug that allows you to stay fashionable and allows you to change your decor as your life style changes.

Damask rugs, damask rug, damask area rug, pink rugs, pink rug

The major investments in this pink living room are the Alcazar damask rug and the sofa, both of which are in neutral colors- beige, taupe and white. It will be easy to change the color scheme by repainting the walls, and changing the fabrics on the two chairs and pillows.

2. But don’t limit the pink to just the pillows-it looks too much like an after thought!

Confining pink only to small accessories such as pillows looks timid. Eric says it is important to show some commitment to your chosen color scheme. He painted the walls pink and upholstered one of the chairs in hot pink to create full drama.

3. Upholster one chair in a high fashion fabric that can be changed frequently.

By upholstering the slipper chair in a high fashion, multicolored Art Deco fabric Eric added a glamorous and youthful accent. Eric shows clients how easy it will be to freshen and update this living room by changing one high fashion fabric.

 Damask rugs, damask rug, damask area rug, pink rugs, pink rug

The Alcazar damask rug has hundreds of subtle shades of beige, cream and taupe. This makes it easy to completely change the color scheme and decorating style by changing the fabrics. Eric suggests upholstering one chair in a high fashion fabric (the wavy velvet stripe in this scheme) so you can stay in step with changing fashions.

4. Invest in a damask rug that has complex mix of subtle colors.

Avoid rugs that are too trendy or have a limited number of colors as they will limit your flexibility as decorating styles change. Rugs that have a timeless pattern, complex shading and a mix of subtle colors allow you to easily change colors and decorating styles.

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