Damask Rugs Adorn 4 Stunning Interiors

The beauty of a damask rug derives from an interplay between color, pattern and texture. Some of the most beautiful and flexible damask rugs have tonal colorations and wonderful cut and loop textures that accentuate the similar by subtly different shades. Rarely silk is used to highlight the pattern, but usually the rugs are made of lustrous wool. Recently damask rugs have also been made in highly contrasting colors. The four interiors show how top designers decorate with four very different damask rugs. You will see that damask rugs are a beautiful way to add texture, contrast and chic style to an interior.

Enrich Bedroom with Softly Textured Fabrics and Damask Rug

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Steven Gambrel created a luxurious masculine bedroom with richly textured fabrics and a golden brown damask rug. The purple velvet upholstered chair pops against the deep green walls. Image courtesy The Interior Archive.

Damask rugs create interest by juxtaposing light and dark shades of the same colors and mixing cut and loop textures, which this rug does beautifully.  Designed by Steven Gambrel, this bedroom features a damask rug with shades ranging from brownish-gold to light gold.  In order to play up this contrast, Gambrel uses velvet fabrics on the chair and low stools to acentuate the contrast between matte and sheen and between light and dark shades.  The jewel toned velvets in amethyst and emerald make the room opulent, playing into the gold of the rug seamlessly.  The dark olive wall color brings out the emerald velvet, and clean edges give the room a modern, masculine touch.

Create Zen Looks with Natural Materials and Damask Rug

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Koch Studio designed this modern seating area around a tonal green Damask rug which has hundreds of close shades of green in a cut and loop texture that add a subtle pattern and luxuriou texture to the space. Image courtesy Asmara, Inc.

Grey walls and floors give the room a calm, zen feeling. The room juxtaposes several materials such as the weathered wood table, copper disk with a metallic shine and branches lamp. A distressed, white door adds a rustic element. The green Damask rug is left open and furniture is minimalist, giving the room an open feel.

Create a Romantic Bedroom with Damask Rug

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This feminine bedroom, designed by Celerie Kemble, has tonal Damask rug with Weave that enforces contrast through its raised stitching. Image courtesy Celerie Kemble.

The damask motifs are expressed with raised stitching against a background that has the look of dots, which is then repeated in the polka-dotted bench at the foot of the bed. The canopy bed uses black wrought iron with gauzy white fabric. The wallpaper is a grey background with white branches. Throughout the room, light and dark is used to contrast and combine textures, patterns, motifs, and moods.  

Mix Modern and Traditional Elements with Damask Rug

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“Living Room Wrapped in Apricot This living room’s walls feature a horizontal strié pattern that evokes the feel of raw silk and is executed in three congruous tones of apricot. Equally color-drenched pieces of furniture include a rust-color linen velvet soft and chairs regally upholstered in green-and-ivory cut velvet”.

This cozy but dynamic interior has a gold and green damask rug with a medallion motif.  The peach walls and dark apricot sofa bring out the warmth of the green in the rug.  The side chairs are upholstered in a black and white damask pattern, which compliments (rather than clashes) with the rug. Gold accents tie in with Damask rug and unify the space.

Damask rugs and patterns use themes of contrast to add texture and style.  Tonal damasks use varying heights or sheens, and many modern Damask rugs use contrasting colors.  By playing with patterns, textures, and colors, decorating with Damask rugs can create dynamic interiors with high style.

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