Damask Rugs Bring Elegant Style to 4 Interiors

Inspired by the rich history of silk brocades, fine tapestries, and ancient patterns found in some of the richest textiles known to us, damask rugs lend a feeling of richness and elegance to any interior space. Whether you’re working on a renovation in an existing home or considering the ideal foundation for a new space, using a damask rug can add an interesting level of depth, sophistication and texture to a space. Today, we’ll show you four interiors where top designers have used damask rugs to establish a luxurious base for versatile interiors.

Use a Damask Rug to Create a Modern Sitting Room

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This modern Greenwich Village sitting room by Gideon Mendelson features a pale blue and ivory damask rug. Photo by Eric Piasecki for Luxe Interiors + Design.

The contrast of the relatively neutral walls with the iridescent art of Seth Price gives the room a healthy dose of energy. The sleek lines of the chairs and the end tables play off the smooth shape of the stunning Herman Miller lounge, adding to the youthful vibe of the space. And the rich texture of the damask rug, in soft blue and ivory tones provides a smooth base for the cascade of natural light pouring in from the full-height windows.

Damask Rugs Make a Warm Base for a Rustic Space

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An antique Spanish rug in a damask pattern provides a warm and rich foundation for this Aspen retreat designed by Studio Sofield. Photo by Scott Frances for Architectural Digest.

Here we see a living area designed atop a damask rug in and centuries old Spanish design in shades of brown, gold, dark green and cream. In contrast to the previous interior, here everything feels cozy and warm, despite the location amongst snow covered mountains. The room brings a number of pieces together in a harmonious composition. This sitting room is a great example of how to create a space that feels collected rather than decorated – and a large part of that is due to the rich, historical damask pattern and warm colors of the Spanish damask patterned rug.

Use a Damask Rug to Soften Lines

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs

In this Long Island family room, a silvery white damask rug provides a subtle layer of texture to the rich, bright space. Photo by William Waldron for Architectural Digest.

When interior designer Alex Papachristidis approached the design for this room in his family’s vacation home, a damask rug provided a great starting point. The subtle texture and curvilinear design of the silvery white and cream damask rug provides a shimmering contrast to the angular lines of two coffee tables. The sectional sofa is upholstered in another damask patterned Fortuny fabric. Papachristidis designed the complimentary tables himself, and selected a rich golden fabric for the drapes. Together these elements create a luxurious atmosphere with understated elegance.

Use a Damask Rug to Heighten Dramatic Spaces

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs

This delicious dining area makes all the right moves, and using a beige and cream damask rug as the foundation.

Here, we see excellent synergy in a dining room – the asymmetrical table juxtaposed with traditional chairs; the pale walls contrasting with the dark-toned wood; the classical chandelier and the dramatic, modern curtains with black and white vertical stripes and a mix of textures. Each of these pairings creates subtle contrast and drama, drawing visitors together around the table. The cream and brown damask rug provides a calm contrast to the otherwise high-drama of the space and its curvilinear pattern adds a lyrical quality to the room and makes it exceptionally elegant.

Damask Rugs for Versatile Designs

History has given damask rugs plenty of drawing power, as today’s examples have shown.  If this has piqued your interest, consider the applications of damask patterns for your next interior project, and add a damask rug for increased depth, drama and interest.


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