Damask Rugs Bring Luxury and Style to 4 Interiors

Damask rugs can bring a feeling of luxury and style to an interior because of their rich cultural history, beautiful patterns and artistic colors. Damask rugs are inspired by damask fabrics which were first woven in Damascus in the middle ages. The beauty of these fabrics results from the fact that the pattern is woven in a satin finish and the background is woven in a matte finish. The best damask rugs also contain two different textures- a cut pile and a looped surface. The pattern is woven in cut pile and the background in loop. The texture of damask rugs gives an additional dimension to its pattern and colors which in turn adds a richness to the room design. However, not all damask rugs contain a combination of two different textures. Since cut and loop weaving is far more difficult the plain cut pile weaving, most damask rugs are made in just cut pile. They are still called damask rugs because their patterns are inspired by damask fabrics. So how can you use a damask rug to enhance the interior design project? That’s what we’re going to show in a quick tour of four elegant interiors where leading designers have used damask rugs to create fabulous interiors.

Create Stylish Mid-Century Modern Dining Room with Damask Rug

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Interior guru and AD100 designer Steven Gambrel used a vintage brown and cream damask rug to anchor the breakfast area in this Long Island home. Photo by Oberto Gili for Architectural Digest.

Here you see a delicious dining room, where the concept of mixing patterns has been used to deliver a unique, modern space with a simple duo-tone palette. Success in blending patterns often lies in being bold, as designer Garrow Kedigian says: “Do not match your fabrics! Do not let your fabrics make your room look too decorator-y”. You’ll note a number of different shapes and patterns in this space – but thoughtful selection of details, like the Stilnovo chandelier, create an impression of cohesion. This room is so inviting you’d find it hard to turn down a cup of tea.

Add Luxurious Texture to Light Filled Living Room with Damask Rug

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AD100 designer Thomas Pheasant used a cream tone on tone damask rug in the living room of a Southampton cottage to create a layer of motion and interesting texture. Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Veranda.

Adding energy and detail within a monochromatic space can be challenging – but through careful selection, a damask rug can provide both of these. The combination of tailored upholstery and intricate pattern and tone on tone cream colors of the damask rug give this bright, airy space warmth and an engaging look. Pheasant’s told Veranda, “I didn’t want the place to look locked in a trend or a decade, which freed me to…concentrate more on how people might feel when they are in the rooms.”

Bring Classic Elegance to Bedroon with Damask Rug

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The warm golds and creams of the damask rug in designer Charlotte Moss’ Aspen bedchamber contribute to a classic elegance. Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Elle Décor.

Because damask patterns have historic roots in some of the most prestigious weaving traditions, it makes perfect sense to use damask rugs to compliment an elegant, classical interior. Here, Manhattan-based Moss has brilliantly laid the stage for the star of her master suite – an iron canopy bed adapted from an iconic Pauline de Rothschild design from the 1960s and she adds a soft pattern and luxurious texture with the gold and cream damask rug. The rug’s subtle pattern, paired with the soft two-tone color palette of the room, infuses the space with a welcoming golden glow.

Add Luxury and Color to Masculine Bedroom with Damask Rug

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Regal purple crushed velvet, vintage accessories, and a gold and brown damask rug combine wonderfully in this master bedroom by Steven Gambrel. Photo by Simon Lipton for Elle Décor.

Damask rugs are not just for soft, ethereal spaces. Here, we see a bold bedroom where Gambrel has paired a brown damask rug with regal purples and greens and masculine shapes. The velvet upholstery creates a pop against the golden brown damask rug and the green wall covering and green velvet benches add additional layers of interest. Great care has been taken to provide just the right lighting to promote reading and relaxing.

Accentuate Key Details with Damask Rugs

The luxurious textures, evocative patterns and artistic colors of damask rug can help you draw attention to subtle details in a room and help you create the atmosphere of your dreams. 

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