Design Cheerful Interiors with Orange Rugs and Pink

Starting a new home interior project can be a daunting task, particularly when some of the interior design advice dispensed by realtors is focused on providing improved resale value rather than the discreet, stylish personalization so many of us crave.

Personalizing with Orange Rugs

A great example of this comes from the world of flooring – where realtorw will tell you hardwood floors yield a better return on investment than plush rugs. But, a little research and careful thought will show you that adding a vibrant orange rugs is a great way to provide that personal splash you’re craving right on top of those hardwoods your realtor recommends.

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Lucia is an coral and orange Savonnerie rug inspired by an 18th century Italian velvet brocade. Interior designer Eric Guenther chose pink wall colors and coral colored accessories to create a happy living room. White and beige furniture and accent pieces provide contrast. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

Why Orange Rugs?

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs

This orange ball gown from Rami Kadi couture’s 2013 collection showcases the beauty and drama of the orange color spectrum very well. The cascading material allows the viewer to see the true dynamic of orange, from vibrant nearly yellow tones to deeper, reddish hues.

The psychology of color is an interesting thing. There are corporate marketers out there who pay thousands of dollars annually to ensure that branding work is carried out in the most effective color – red for creating rapid attachments to memory, green for creating a feeling of natural calm or blue for clarity and relaxation. So what about orange? Orange is a happier, uplifting color acknowledged for helping us feel better about ourselves.  With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Jamie Drake chose this geometric orange rug for the basis of the stylish living room below.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs

A contemporary orange rug is paired with purple and orange furniture and and abstract painting containg green, purple and blue in this living room designde by Jamie Drake. The overall mood is uplifting and energizing. Image courtesy Maison Luxe.

Cozy Coral Rugs

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, orange oushak rugs, coral rugs

A coral and orange Oushak rugs defines a seating area in Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton home designed by Steven Sclaroff. Note how the red piping on the white sofa connects with the orange rug. Image courtesy Steven Sclaroff.

Perhaps the best thing about coral and orange rugs is the sheer variety of ways they can be incorporated into interior design projects. For example, this coral Oushak rug featured in a cheerful seating area in the great room of Kate and Andy Spade’s Southampton, New York home.

In this case a variety of orange rugs are used to create separate areas within one larger, open space – affording the home owners a number of options for entertaining.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs, orange Savonnerie rugs

Coral and orange tones combine to provide an inspiring, warm space in the salon of the Irish Estate known as Bellamont Forest – the ancestral home of John Coote – perfect for a formal gathering or an informal night in with friends. The orange Savonnerie rug is paired with pink walls and white upholstery. The ceiling and the rug are linked by the fact that the patterns of both are derived from neoclassical architecture. This room looks surprisingly modern despite the traditional furniture and architecture.

Orange rugs, orange rugs for sale, coral rugs

An orange striped rug is paired with crisp white bed linen with red piping and a red, pink and white print fabric covers the walls and also the upholstered chair. A white neoclassical bench with grey-bluish-green and white gingham fabric adds a cool color to balance the warm coral, orange and reds.

These rooms confirm that orange rugs are for everyone looking to uplift the spirit and improve the mood of their space through interior design.

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