Design Spectacular Rooms with Damask Rugs in Black: 3 Tips

She gasped in horror when she heard her daughter ask for a black damask rug. Images of dark, cold lairs of despair filled her imagination. But, reluctantly, her daughter, now an interior design student, was given free reign and the finished room looked fantastic. The black damask rug was chic and bold while the colors were able to dance over it without fear of stepping on its toes. If the idea of a black rug brings your thoughts to a gaping hole in the floor of your room, threatening to swallow everything, consider instead the little black dress. Accented by colorful accessories, the black dress is chic and professional and a black damask rug can act the same way, as seen in these rooms which use the beautiful pattern of damask rugs in chic blacks, grays and white to create spectacular spaces. 

Spectacular Uses of Damask Rugs

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Interior Design: Marcel Wanders. Image courtesy

Designer Marcel Wanders created this luxurious room with various black and white patterns which work together as the rest of the decor in the room is simple with modern pieces in solid colors. The black damask rug brings out the burst of yellow in the chair and makes it more brilliant. Otherwise, the room is exclusively done in black and white, with the exceptional of the copper mirror, which provides both color and functionality.

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets
Interior Design: Martha O’Hara. Image courtesy

Martha O’Hara designed a monochromatic room around this damask rug, drawing the pattern into the accent pillows. Like the first room, this room uses yellow as it’s bright accent color. These uses of the accent color are kept to solid colors in order to keep their pattern from competing with the rug. The large scale yellow and white stripes on the pillow are large enough they don’t challenge. 

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets

Interior Design: Candice Olson. Image courtesy

Candice Olson designed this glamorous room. It’s full of textures and patterns for the eyes to feast upon. The black damask rug’s pattern is very active because the colors are high contrasting black against white. This black and white permeates the room punctuated by the dark red chairs spread around the room.

Damask Rugs, damask rugs for sale, Savonnerie Rugs, Savonnerie carpets
Image courtesy

The playroom has a lovely white and black damask rug with a bold black border. This black and white theme is pulled into the colorful room by black and white photos flanking the center portrait bursting with pink. This room keeps additional patterns simple, using patterns only the black ruffle of the pink lamps and on the pillows. Black and white damask rugs look great with vibrant colors such as the green and pink in this room.

3 Tips for Decorating with Damask Rugs
From these rooms, these tips can be gleaned:

  1. Be careful of competing patterns – Well-selected patterns can complement the rug and will look splendid in juxtaposition or in accent pieces. However, solid colors flatter the damask rugs beautifully without posing a risk of clashing. 
  2. Play up the black and white – These marvelous rooms don’t limit the black and white to the rug. Rather these colors and all the shades of gray between them are brought into the furniture and decor. 
  3. Bring in the color – The black and white damask rugs, especially those with a bold pattern, thrive on bold colors. Their ability to flatter any color makes them a versatile investment you won’t regret. 

So don’t be afraid of impending darkness on any room that contains a black rug. Instead, embrace the  beauty of the damask rugs and the classy rooms they help generate.

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