Elizabeth Dinkel Color Drama on Beige Geometric Needlepoint Rug

 small scale geometric rug, elizabeth dinkel living room rug

Elizabeth Dinkel masterfully harmonized bright orange patterned fabrics by placing them on a calming beige and cream medium scale geometric needlepoint rug in this sophisticated, elegant, light and airy Beverley Hills family room.

West Hollywood interior designer Elizabeth Dinkel is a master at creating bright light filled, airy and comfortable living spaces. She uses bold colors, strong patterns and a mix of textures and is adept at blending antiques and modern pieces in pleasing and harmonious ways. Few would dare to use the amount of orange that Elizabeth Dinkel placed in this light filled Beverly Hills family room. She has ingeniously achieved harmony and balance by underlaying the brilliant orange colors and patterns in the fabrics with a calming beige and cream geometric needlepoint rug. This needlepoint rug neatly pulls all the elements of this family room into a single, pleasing whole.

Other designers might have chosen a plain rug for this space, or possibly a rug with a floral pattern mimicking the window treatments, or even a geometric rug in the same orange colors as the fabric. Each of these choices would have been less elegant and sophisticated than what Elizabeth has created. The architecture of the windows and exterior space is in harmony with the understated geometry of the beige and cream needlepoint rug which also adds warmth and calmness through its neutral colors and texture.

Spaces that are elegant and tasteful as well as livable can be difficult challenges for designers. Rather than choosing the expected solid color, or traditional floral design needlepoint rug which would have created unbearable visual overload, Elizabeth Dinkel’s choice of a geometric, neutral color needlepoint rug has united this room with a pleasing harmony.

beige and cream geometric rug support bright orange fabric

Elizabeth Dinkel used bright orange to energize her traditional design with a youthful spirit.

Mixing geometric and floral patterns

Elizabeth Dinkel masterfully mixes geometric and floral patterns, bold and neutral colors in  this playroom.


Elizabeth Dinkel window seat in the kitchen

A beautiful window seat in the kitchen of the Beverly Hills home brings airy lightness to a room where it is so important to have natural light and multiple seating areas.

Beige and cream geometric needlepoint rug, Bombay needlepoint rug, Asmara rug
Bombay geometric San Marco needlepoint rug with beige ground is handmade in a wonderful texture.

Cream, beige geometric needlepoint rug, Asmara rugBombay Athena needlepoint rug in cream ground is handmade in a finer texture and is also available in a beige background with a cream top design.

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