Elle Decor November 2014: 5 Best Rooms with Decorative Rugs

If the 5 best rooms with decorative rugs in the November 2014 Elle Decor have a common theme it is this- wealthy clients are desiring and interior designers are creating opulent and exotic themes with an innovative mix of contemporary and antique styles.


An intricatly patterned grey geometric rug handsomely pulls together antique French and modern furniture, velvet and silk fabrics and floral wallcovering in lavender, purple and gold in an opulent garden themed master bedroom in an apartment on New York’s upper east side designed by Ann Pyne, head of the venerable decorating firm McMillen Inc.


Ann Pyne chose a red, gold and green needlepoint rug similar to Asmara’s Biedermeier needlepoint rug to unify a mix of Chinoiserie and Victorian furniture in a color palette of black, tan, blue, rose and rich reds and created a library reminiscent of the opulent lifestyle of a J. P. Morgan.


Curving reddish-brown lacquered wood paneling, black and white marble fireplace and a green and cream needlepoint upholstered ottoman evoke an exclusive London club in Anne Payne’s library.


A dark blue silk contemporary rug defines the seating area and pulls together contemporary blue and white curving furniture and grey and white neoclassical walls in the living room of interior designer Colin Radcliffe’s London townhouse.


In Colin Radcliffe’s master bedroom a darker blue silk rug brings out the richness of the fur and animal print fabric and also unifies contemporary and traditional furniture and objects.


“The key to any successful interior is to avoid a theme,” said Martyn Lawrence Bullard about the Bali themed Malibu, California home featured in the November Elle Decor. Multiple grey geometric rugs are assembled together to evoke woven mats that would be placed together in an authentic Bali home. The furnishings are in a mix of styles and were sourced from several countries. The antique Bavarian chandelier found in India, could have once adorned a Maharaja’s palace. 


An intricately patterned grey geometric rug compliments an even more intricate coffered ceiling and red leather chair in the Bali inspired Malibu library by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

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