Elle Decor’s 5 Best Rooms with Designer Rugs in December 2016

Elle Decor’s December 2016 issue seems to be predicting a return to richly colored traditional interiors with gorgeous Aubusson rugs as in the 17th-century Manor House in England designed by Laura Ingrams for a young Baron and his family. This trend is carried through to a magical alpine getaway in St. Moritz, Switzerland by Studio Peregalli. Contemporary design is becoming more luxurious as in the Lee Mindel designed Palm Beach oceanfront. I hope you enjoy my pick of Elle Decor’s five best in December.


1. A Stately Home in England 

A blue and rose Axminster carpet inspired by a 17th century Aubusson rug adorns the library of Somerleyton Hall a Jacobean manor in Suffolk, England built in 1610 and transformed to the Italianate style in the mid 1800’s. Designer Laura Ingrams has transformed for the young family of the 4th Baron Somerleyton.



The 4th baron Somerleyton with his family in the 19th-century formal west garden of the 5,000 acre estate. Tall London planetrees stretch out into the distance.



1a. Another View of the Library

The vibrant colors of the Aubusson rug bring a young energy to the handsome library at Somerleyton Hall.

Blue-Aubusson-rug-Chartres- Aubusson-Rug-9413B.jpg  

Chartres Aubusson Rug 9413B



Aquitaine Aubusson Rug 9404CB



2. Suffolk, England

An antique oriental rug with orange, green and pink compliments the pink and white damask wallcovering in the bedroom in Somerleyton Hall.



3. Entry Hall, Suffolk, England

 Green and gold geometric Minton tiles give the appearance of geometric rugs in the stately entry hall at Somerleyton Hall.  



4. Palm Beach

A custom pale gray rug with a subtle pattern that mimics ripples in a still pond adds creates a serene atmosphere in the living room of a Palm Beach house designed by Lee Mindel of Shelton, Mindel & Associates.



5. St. Moritz, Switzerland

An antique Oushak rug conjures up a magical atmosphere in the living room of an Alpine getaway in St. Moritz, Switzerland designed by Studio Peregalli.


“Our idea always is, when you come inside, you are in a space that is out of time, not too fashionable, not too trendy, not too connected to a specific period, but a little bit of a dream” Peregalli told Elle Decor



5a. St. Moritz, Switzerland

 The 17th-century Oushak rugin the living room is a fragment taken from a partially worn-out Oushak rug. “They are very delicate, so it is rare to find the right dimension in good condition,” Peregalli explained to Elle Decor. The fireplace is 18th-century Austrian porcelain. The embossed-leather paneling originally hung in a German castle. Peregalli had artisans highlight the raised motifs with gold leaf so they glow when mountain sunlight filters into the room. 

Room images courtesy of Elle Decor.

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