Elle Decor’s 5 Best Rooms with Designer Rugs in October 2016

The October 2016 Elle Decor reminds us that designing rooms is a courageous undertaking for the decorator and the home owner. In some of these interiors they are one in the same. The following five rooms all take leaps of faith with unique combinations of pattern, color and designer rugs. Enjoy these inspiring interiors designed by Veronica Swanson Beard, Chiqui Woolworth, Brittany Bromley, Michael Carey and Ashe + Leandro.


In the dining room a gray flat weave rug allows their "granny-chic" look to standout.

1. Long Island Dining Room

Fashion designer Veronica Swanson Beard collaborated with her aunt Chiqui Woolworth and longtime friend Brittany Bromley, both designers to fashion her newly purchased weekend retreat in Locust Valley, Long Island. In the dining room, a gray flat weave rug allows her chic look to stand out. Their collaborative design is pronounced with the sourcing of two sets of side chairs upholstered in the same green and white pattern, a vintage mirrored table with pink napkins and rust-red velvet upholstered Milo Baughman chairs.


Michael Carey furnished his living room primarily with dark-colored and masculine home decor. His unexpected use of ivory white walls and floor tile with a blue and white geometric rug really lighten and excite the room.

2. Claverack, New York Living Room

Fulfilling one of his dreams of telling a story in a old country house, fashion consultant Michael Carey purchased a 1830’s Federal house in the Hudson valley. Michael furnished the living room primarily with dark-colored, masculine decor. His unexpected choices of white walls, white floor and blue and white geometric rug brings light and excitement to the room.


Veronica Swanson Beard and her design team selected a multi-colored Turkish kilim rug that contains most of the rooms color scheme.

3. Long Island Sunroom

Veronica Swanson Beard and her design team continue their “granny-chic” look in Veronica’s weekend sunroom. Their use of chintz and leopard patterns, along with saturated colors is extremely bold. You can see it in almost every inch of the room, and it didn’t stop when it came to their selection of a multi-colored Turkish kilim rug that contains most of the room’s color scheme.


Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro selection of a vintage tan and maroon Tuareg flat weave rug adds detail and is subtly referenced throughout the room in the sofa pillows and kindling basket.

4. Martha’s Vineyard Living Room

Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro of Ashe + Leandro have fashioned a new look for a Martha’s Vineyard cottage for former Vogue editor and fashion entrepreneur, Meredith Melling. The living room feels calming and warm thanks to natural wood, white fireplace, white walls and white upholstery. The selection of a vintage tan and maroon Tuareg flat weave rug adds texture and the cool look of African art which is referenced again in the pillows and woven basket.


Veronica Swanson Beard and her design team used two Turkish kilim rugs to really punch the room with color.

5. Long Island Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom Veronica Swanson Beard and her design team set a foundation of soothing whites and blues, then layered in some floral patterns, and then some more layers with Turkish kilim rugs to really punch the room with color. It ends up being an incredibly comfortable look. Who wouldn’t want to be cossetted in those soft floral linens!


Images courtesy of Elle Decor.

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