Enrich Holiday Decorating with Geometric Themes

The holidays are all about geometric patterns. From the playful bulbs and berries to the pointed triangle of the traditional Christmas tree and the wondrous symmetry of the menorah. This festive geometry can be echoed in the choices we make when decorating for the Holidays. Geometric rugs are one of the most powerful tools for providing subtle interior queues to visitors for all your annual celebrations. Today we’ll look at four interiors where geometric rugs provide exquisite jumping off points for decorating during the Holidays.

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Vibrant round baubles adorn trees in a park in Salzburg, Austria creating a festive, whimsical feel. Photo courtesy of LusoFox, Flickr.

Celebrate Christmas in a Rustic Mountain Log Home

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In this log home, a geometric rug provides the perfect blend of rustic charm and holiday cheer. Photo: James Ray Spahn for Log Home Outlet.

The patchwork-style geometric rug at the heart of this great room brings a playful air to the space. Grand views, gorgeous alder beams and iron accents provide a dramatic backdrop for any gathering. Adding a well-dressed, two-story tree to the room brings the magic of the season inside with little effort. The fusions of colored blocks in the geometric rug echo the cheer of the holidays throughout the year.

Welcome Guests in Sophisticated Dining Room

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In this traditional Long Island dining room, Gomez Associates incorporated a geometric rug to give an energetic boost to this space. Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest.

The geometric pattern provides both motion and structure to the dining area. When paired with seasonal greens and a bold dose of festive color, the room can be immediately uplifted in the spirit of the season with minimal effort. The timeless lines of the Dessin Fournir table, hurricane scones and 1940s chandelier add to the classic feel of the space all year long.

Entertain in Modern Media/Game Room

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Terry Hunziker chose a geometric rug with a repeating square motif for this media/game room in Los Cabos, Mexico. Photo by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest.

The simple shapes at play in this media/game room in Los Cabos, Mexico provide ample room for seasonal improvisation. The bespoke games table and the Mirak side chairs add texture to the neutral palette, allowing simple transitions to the décor for all seasons. Visualize a simple, classic tree in the corner here with bright clear bulbs and vibrant red baubles, knowing the geometric rug provides the “gift” of warmth and interest.

Welcome Guests in Elegant Art Deco Entrance

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In the Manhattan home of Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan designed by Gomez Associates, a round grey and gold Art Deco rug with a geometric pattern welcomes guests with charm and sophistication. Photo: William Abranowicz. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

The foyer is defined by the Art Deco rug which is from Maison Leleu a French design firm that became known in the 1920s and ’30s for highly refined Art Deco furniture. Maison Leleu decorated the luxurious Art Deco style interiors of ocean liners SS Ile de France and SS Normandie, considered the most beautifully decorated ships of their time.

The simple elegance of the 1940s brings a timeless glow to the space, courtesy of the French chandelier from Alan Moss and the divine Osvaldo Borsani table. These items, rich with their own geometry, rest beautifully on the ivory geometric rug. The crimson and gold detail of the rug is like a burst of seasonal confetti – unnoticed until you swap the table arrangement for one rich with evergreens and red berries, or hang a sprig of mistletoe from the silvered-bronze chandelier. The result is delightful and welcoming in every way.

Geometric Rugs for All Seasons

The energy, joy, and detail geometric rugs provide a space offer you something to draw from for any occasion. I hope the quick peek we’ve taken into these four spaces helps you bring out the best in your interior project with a geometric rug. 

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