Ferg-Shamamian’s Mansion Gains Pedigree from Red Gold Oushak Rug

Los Angeles Home by Ferguson & Shamamian

Ferguson and Shamamian did both the architecture and the interior design of this Los Angeles Mansion. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

Red, gold, cream Oushak rug, Ferguson & Shamamian dining room Los Angeles

The mansion gained instant pedigree by Ferguson and Shamamian’s magnificent classical architecture and by their impeccable choice of a cream, red and gold Oushak rug for the dining room. I love the strength of the Oushak rug’s antique red and gold motifs on a cream background. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

Cream, red, gold Oushak rug, Ferguson and Shamamian interior design and architecture

The Oushak rug provides most of the color in the dining room with it’s large geometricized paisley pattern. Note that no two paisley motifs are alike, one even has a large section of blue not found elsewhere. These subtle variations in color and design is what gives an antique Oushak rug it’s character.The gold leather chairs and the oval curve of the dark polished wood dining table are perfect complements. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

Blue, gold, cream striped oriental rug, Ferguson and Shamamian family room, Los Angeles

The family room’s blue and gold color scheme is warmed by the red and gold pillows. The striped oriental rug in blue, gold and cream, grounds the comfortable sofas and chairs arranged around th fireplace. The blue’s in this room tie in with the touch of blue found in the Oushak rug in the dining room. The gold and red pillows also make a connection with the red and gold Oushak rug in the dining room. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

Red, gold, blue striped oriental rug, Ferguson & Shamamian Los Angeles media room

A striped Oriental rug in red, orange, blue and gold warms the media room and echoes the colors found in the family room and dining room. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamian.

This is how The Franklin Report, described by the New York Times as the first publication to review and rate Interior Designers and Decorators in New York, and by Town & Country  as “the design version of the foodie bible Zagat” summed up the work of Ferguson and Shamamian:

“Ferguson & Shamamian has achieved iconic stature in architectural and rarefied social circles for its intellectual approach toward classicism as the basis of all great design. New homes are the firm’s forte, and these are massive undertakings, usually entailing years of specific wainscoting and doorknob detailing. The results are nothing short of breathtaking–uplifting, spirited, livable masterpieces born of rich provenance. Clients may be involved in every excruciating detail or may be provided with turn-key resolution, but in either case, we hear the partners prefer to work with clients who share their architectural philosophy”.

Excerpts from client reviews of Ferguson and Shamamian in Franklin Reports:

“Their design sensibility is unparalleled.” “The spirit of their work is like the craftsman of generations past.” “Even at Princeton, Mark was recognized to be one of the most talented.” “They are artful in their restorations, staying true to the historic period. This may involve bringing in reclaimed chestnut floors, but it is a remarkable result.” “They will have moldings even within their more modern forays.” “Much more comfortable working in the traditional genre.” “Great for people for whom money is not an issue.” “A bit confident in their ways.” “The budgets are prodigious, but realistic.” “Going for quality, not volume.” “They cater ultimately to the client, despite being a big, influential firm.” “Instant pedigree. The best traditional architecture being created today.”

 Gold, red, green Oushak rug, Kos Oushak rug, Asmara rug

The Kos Oushak rug has a golden beige background with red, greens, blue-greens and white accents. The subtle variations in color shades and motifs are reminiscent of fine antique Oushak rugs.


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