Ferguson & Shamamian’s Gold and Cream Oriental Rug on Park Avenue



cream gold tone on tone oriental rug, Ferguson and Shamamian Park Avenue Dining Room

Ferguson and Shamamiam chose a subtle tone on tone cream and gold oriental rug as a foundation for this elegant Park Avenue dining Room. Note how the wide border promotes a stately ambience. Image courtesy Ferguson and Shamamiam.

Park Avenue New York has a style and refinement of it’s own.  At the same time, the owners desire their guests have an enjoyable dining expereince in an environment that promotes lively conversation in comfort. Ferguson and Shamamian have created a dining room that achieves all these goals.

Ferguson and Shamamian assembled fine period furniture, gilded mirrors and silk draperies. There are several key messages conveyed and the cream and gold oriental rug ties all of the messages together in a unified expereince:

Elegance – the subtelty of the tone on tone oriental rug creates a refined background for the room, laying the framework for the artistry of the decor. Just as an artist uses a canvas, the soft background colors of the rug communicate the message and feelings from the beginning.  This oriental rug conveys a level of elegance that all other objects in the room echo.

Distinction – by contrasting the muted tone on tone field pattern with the other furnishings in the room, the oriental rug draws the visitors attention to the elegance and spaciousness of the room.

Majesty -the tone on tone oriental rug lifts the level of nobility of the room and its pieces, giving the guest a feeling of grandeur and stateliness.  The eyes are drawn into the room with the feeling of the importance of the room, and at the same time communicates the host’s discerning taste seeing that every detail has been meticulously attended to.

Warmth -the cream and gold colors of the rug accentuate and bring out the emerging warmth of the dark wood tones in the dining table, chairs and floor.

Enticement – by pulling together the pale yellow walls along with the taupe and grey tones of the draperies and floral arrangements, the cream and gold oriental rug entices guests into the dining room for a fine meal and lively conversation.

Ferguson and Shamamian have brought together a dining room that receives attention, respect, and admiration from visitors and guests alike.  With Park Avenue style and fashion just outside the window, the textured pale oriental rug and all the dining room objects present a stately portrayal of fine living on Park Avenue. You can design a dining room that conveys such elegance, grace and importance with this cream and gold tone on tone Marbella oriental rug from Asmara.

Cream, gold, textured oriental rug, Marbella rug, Asmara rug

Marbella is a tone on tone cream, white and gold textured Savonile oriental rug with touches of taupe and blue in the border bands. The wide main border adds a stately aura to a room.

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