Floral Rugs That Allow Change of Looks And Colors Are Winners

“What people tend to forget is, that tastes change and time has a way of transforming how we feel… Styles trend in and out like fashion, and lets face it, we can simply grow bored with our surroundings”. Bill Barr, Interior Designer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Ask yourself if the floral rugs you are considering allow for a different color palette, or a different look altogether, should your tastes change. If the answer is yes, then you know you have a winner.

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I wanted to see if Summer a floral and vine rug can work in many different styles of decorating.

I love the way this rug softens the sharp lines of the French Deco inspired scheme I pulled together above. It is unexpected too, a truly Art Deco rug would have felt predictable and uncreative. The Summer rug is available in a choice of three weaves: Savonile rug; needlepoint rug, or as an Aubusson rug. Sources: Wood chest with yellow; Dining chair; Red Sofa; Deco gold and crystal ceiling light ; Gold sconces

I wrote about Blue Oushak rugs going from formal to informal in my last blog post for Asmara, so for this post I wanted to take that concept one step further. “One Floral Rug 3 Ways” – as I started designing I realized the blog could have been “One Floral Rug 1000 Ways” but I stopped at three.

Floral rugs, flower rugs, traditional decorating scheme, flowers, trees and vines rug, green, yellow and red on white ground rug, Asmara rug, Summer rug

Of course the Summer rug is right at home in the traditional vernacular, but keep in mind the sofa for instance, could have been red, yellow, beige, green pink brown, tan or off white, now that is flexibility! Sources: Bookcase; Table lamp; Yellow chair; Green sofa; Green, pink wing chair; Etagere table.

In my line of work, not a day goes by that I’m not educating a client about buying the best that their budget allows and choosing styles that afford flexibility in taste.Floral rug, flower rug, flower, tree and vine rug, green, red, yellow on white rug, World Traveller Decorating scheme, Asmara rug, Summer rug

I guess the surprise came for me when I started pulling images for the World Traveler collage. It amazed me that the Summer rug which is a traditional floral and vine motif rug, looks so good with South East Asian, Middle Eastern and British Colonial furnishings. Sources: Red lantern; Settee; Room dividers; Sofa; Buddha.

If you pay attention to the colors and textures, scale and forms of the furnishings you choose to go with the Summer rug, the possibilities are truly endless for this beautiful textured rug. It can support so many looks beautifully!

My best advice: Buy what you love and you will almost always love the way your decorating project turns out; but keep in mind that tastes and styles change and ask yourself if the item you are considering has the flexibility to change with your mood.

Future blog posts will feature new and exciting room schemes by leading interior designers.

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