Four Stylish Ways of Decorating with Green Rugs and Emerald Green

If you’ve been thinking about decorating with green rugs, it might interest you to know that the all-knowing color experts at Pantone have declared Emerald Green as the 2013 Color of the Year. While I do not believe a room’s color palette should be determined solely by what Pantone happens to declare as the color of the year, it is still helpful to know this, if for no other reason than it explains why so many fashion houses, interior design companies and décor magazines are coming up with rugs and fabrics with splashes of jewel-toned viridian. Rich, vibrant emerald green is a color used to promote benevolence and harmony, and it can also be used to help bring clarity and lucidity to a room. With all of the emerald dresses, accessories and furniture being made, I wanted to take a longer perspective, as we should do in interior design, and show how to great interior designers decorate with green rugs. Following the examples of these designers will help us design rooms with green rugs that will look stylish not just this year, but hopefully, five and ten years from now.

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1. Surrounded by accessories made out of natural materials like rough-hewn wood and copper, this emerald green rug creates a soothing, peaceful and cool vibe, creating the perfect place to retreat to after a tough day. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

Whether you’ve got a vintage Savonnerie rug with armorial-framed medallions branding your sitting room or a lemon-lime modern rug raising the temperature in your lounge, green rugs can help you design chic rooms that will always look stylish, provided you follow the examples of great interior designers. Green rugs are special in that they can be used as a neutral feature or as a dominant color in a space. Even a green as scintillating as emerald can either bring a soothing peaceful energy into a room, or it can take center stage. It is one of the few colors that is truly mercurial.

1. How to Design Serene Interiors with Green Rugs

If you’re choosing green rugs for their soothing quality, match them up with natural materials like raw wood and natural metals as in the living room in image 1. The tone of the room will not be determined by the rug on its own but instead by how everything in the room works with it. Furnishings made with natural materials will help remind you of green’s connection to the earth, so rather than energizing you, the emerald green will help take life’s world’s edge off. Resist using elements that feel or look cheap or processed. They’ll only throw off the organic and relaxing vibe in the room.

2. How to Design in Grand Style with Green Rugs

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2. Thanks to the green and gold Aubusson rug with accents of emerald green, the Emperors apartment of the Emperor in the Château de Versailles isn’t shy about celebrating the color green, and yet one isn’t overwhelmed. The yellow central medallion of the Aubusson rug resonates with the gold chandelier and the gold frame around the painting. Image of Le Petit Appartement de l’Empereur – Château de Versailles from Pinterest: Green Rugs Decorating.

One of House Beautiful’s top American designers, Christina Murphy, is all about using splashes of color in order to enliven a room. Says Murphy, “Punches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging.” You can adopt this philosophy if you’re hesitant about using bold swaths of emerald green in your space. Instead, you may love the idea of bits of emerald green threading through your green rug like bits of emeralds hidden in the sand versus a bold, green rug. If this is the case, just choose green rugs that feature emerald green as an accent color. Feature a few well-placed accessories in the room that feature the same, verdant color. They could be something as large as an exquisite emerald-green sofa or something as small as green-accented throw pillows or drapes that have a bit of green color lacing through them. Nothing in the room will be fully emerald green, but it will be the dominant accent color. When you close your eyes, emerald green will be the color that you will remember. 

Whatever you do, always remember that Pantone top colors are a guide, not a rule. They’re merely ways to keep your design looking fresh.

Here are some more interiors with green rugs:

3. Mixing Contemporary and Antique Elements with a Green Rug

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3. Jim Koch paired a pale abstract painting, an antique French chair and pale bluish-green walls for a modern take on a traditional living room with the Seville Savonnerie oriental Rug inspired by a 17th century Spanish rug. Image by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

4. Design a Romantic Retreat with a Green Rug

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4. Jim Koch worked with sky blues to created a romantic retreat with the Medici Savonnerie rug which has hundreds of subtle shades of green ranging from blue greens to yellow greens. Image by Koch Studio. Rug Design © Asmara, Inc.

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