Four Ways Decorative Rugs Make a Home Feel Warm and Inviting

Red, gold Decorative Rugs

1. This red and gold decorative rug has luminous top colors that reflect light from thousands of points bringing a cozy and inviting glow to the room. To see this for yourself, just cover the decorative rug with a white envelope or any other piece of white paper and look at the rest of the room. I just did the experiment and was surprised how the room suddenly went dark. It even felt lonely. When you uncover the decorative rug, you feel a warm fire has been lit and the room is filled with a golden glow. The examples in today’s post are all from the amazing work of Anthony Cochran that I greatly admire.  Image and interior design by Anthony Cochran

Blue decorative rug, Anthony Cochran

2. This blue decorative rug has a luminous silk border that defines the seating group and brings order to this large living room. Try this visual experiment- cover the rug with a piece of white paper and you will see that the room feels dis-ordered without the decorative rug. The solid blue decorative rug brings a sense of calmness and a feeling of home to this seating area and to the the entire living room. Image and interior design by Anthony Cochran.

red, blue decorative rug, Anthony Cochran

3. This red and blue traditional decorative rug makes the room look more interesting. Again, try the experiment of covering up the rug with a piece of white paper. This room is still a beautiful, well lit room even without the rug. But as soon as you uncover the rug, the room looks more interesting and warm. The ancient organic pattern of this traditional decorative rug adds depth and visual interest. Now this library feel like a place you want to spend time in. Image and interior design by Anthony Cochran.

blue, silver, gray striped contemporary decorative rug, Anthony Cochraniped

Grey Contemporary Custom Rug

4. This blue and silver gray striped contemporary decorative rug gives this seating area a feeling of home. Cover up the decorative rug and the two chairs feel lost in space. This is a beautiful room- the colors are well composed. The fabric on the French chair is exquisite with its gold, yellow, brown and sea green stripes against the pale sea green wall. But without the rug it just feels like two chairs pushed against the wall. Add this contemporary decorative rug with a simple stripe and suddenly it feels like an inviting seating area. Image and interior design by Anthony Cochran.

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