Four Ways of Designing Stunning Rooms with Green Rugs

Green rugs often feature patterns derived from nature; the leaves and flora of nature are by and large green, so it’s a expected motif. Throughout history artists have invented many different rug patterns inspired by nature. If you want your room to stand out, then try green rugs with patterns that have a personality and do not just represent nature in a conventional and expected way.

Designer David Kleinberg said that, “When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it all in a single glance. Going against period introduces energy.” In the same way, using green rugs with nature-inspired patterns that are outside the norm also creates an energy that attracts the eye.

1. Create a Stunning Room with Traditional Green Rugs

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Green rugs with centuries old patterns such as this green Oriental rug add character and depth to a room that has powerful antique furniture as this home office designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

It is highly unusual for an antique oriental to have such a vibrant shade of green. Usually the colors in antique rugs are muted. The vibrant green background of the oriental rug inspired the color of the walls and having green walls and green rug makes the golden wood tones of the desk and chair pop. The black and white photographs add neutral colors that provide some relief from the wide expanses of green in the room.

2. Design a Memorable Rooms with Nature Inspired Green Rug with a Twist

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Some exceptional green rugs feature colors and patterns that depict nature in a bold and unconventional way such as this green rug chosen by designer Dorothy Draper. This rug catches the eye because it goes against tradition.

The illustrious interior designer Dorothy Draper really knew how to make a room stand out. In the seating area, the green rug has a pattern that is inspired by nature, but it bears little resemblance to the traditional way leaves are depicted. The huge, brilliantly vibrant leaves are highlighted by a black background. The effect is stunning and dramatic. In a room with all that eye-catching turquoise, the green rug is still the first element that catches the eye.

3. Create Drama with Green Rugs in Large Scale Patterns

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A green Aubusson rug by Asmara is the star of this captivating sea of green in a room in Palm Beach mansion designed by Scott Snyder. Interior design and image by Scott Snyder, Inc.

The green rug chosen by designer Scott Snyder turns customary colors and styling on its head by using an unconventionally large-scale design.

New York designer Scott Snyder chose a green rug that has both traditional and contemporary elements for this living room. The flowers, vines and leaves are all done in traditional colors; but the scale of the pattern is so much larger than is usually seen! The same energetic lime green that is in the rug is used throughout the rest of the area, but the rug is again the first that catches the eye.

4. Create an Elegant Fantasy with Green Rugs with Stylized Depictions of Nature

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The pattern of the green floral needlepoint rug is highly stylized, drawing the eye as it introduces an almost musical energy into the room. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Style guru Valentino Garavani had decorator Henri Samuel fill his 17th century villa with beautiful furniture and décor; the Asian influences are everywhere. The flora pattern of the cozy dining room’s green rug is miles beyond traditional. Highly stylized, the rendering of the flowers and plants are more symbolic than realistic, making the rug stand out in a room full of beautiful things.

For an eye-catching room, try green rugs with colors, pattern and scale that are unconventional and give the rug a personality.


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