Geometric Rugs Add Drama to 2 Chic Interiors

Decorating with geometric rugs is a great way to add visual interest to a room. Plain rooms can literally come alive with the mere presence of fabulously patterned geometric rugs. Geometric rugs have patterns that you either love, or you don’t, so they end up being very personal. If you’re planning on decorating with geometric rugs, keep the following information in mind:

  • Choose geometric rugs that have patterns you can live with. Even the tiniest patterns can have a dramatic effect on a room, so choose patterns you can live with.

  • Look at different patterns when exploring geometric rugs. You may think that you’d only favor ones with small circles or squares, but you may be bowled over when you take a look at a black and white rug with a giant chevron pattern. Don’t be afraid to think outside of your comfort zone.

  • Use geometric rugs to bring energy into a traditionally designed space. Do not assume geometric rugs will create discord and chaos in your space. Geometric patterns are present in even the oldest and most distinguished rugs, including Savonnerie, Aubusson and kilims. Rather than confusing a room’s design, they enhance it and make it more interesting. A modern black and white rug filled with stripes or chevrons can balance a traditionally designed room. Legendary designer Dorothy Draper said that she “always put in one controversial item” into her designs. She loved that it made “people talk.” Borrow some of this philosophy when considering geometric rugs for your space.

  • Use geometric rugs to introduce both color and an interesting design element into a simply designed room. If your designs tastes run towards the low-key, a colorful geometric rug can give your room the spark it needs.

Add Drama with High Contrast, Large Scale Geometric Rug

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A Mary McDonald designed seating area of a master bedroom pops with a large scale blue and white geometric rug.  Image courtesy Veranda Magazine.

Designer extraordinaire Mary McDonald is not one to shy away from things like geometric rugs or bold colors. Her interiors practically sing with personality, beauty and energy. In this room, she marries traditional and modern furnishings with a geometric rug to perfect effect. With its cream-colored walls and navy trim, this room gives off a restrained elegant and modern feel. The dark wood floors were beautiful, but McDonald added the bold hexagonal geometric rug to give the room the energy and edge it was lacking. The result is a room that maintains its elegance while upping its cool factor. Think of it as a pair of sparkling, flawless-diamond chandelier earrings paired with a simple, Chanel gown.

Design Art Filled Modern Living Room with Geometric Rug

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A medium scale geometric rug anchors together modern art and a mix of fabric patterns in a gorgeous living room designed by Robert Passal.

This fabulous living room by Robert Passal is the perfect example of how geometric rugs don’t have to be the only interesting pattern in the room. The cozy, low-slung sofa is covered in a black and white Arbre de Matisse print from Quadrille. Damask throw pillows of different sizes and colors break up the black and white theme beautifully. The Mughal geometric patterned black and white rug grounds the room. Rather than clashing with it, the larger scale geometric pattern on the rug beautifully supports the small scale tree pattern of the Quadrille fabric on the sofa. The glass coffee table is perfect because it practically disappears in the space. Anything heavier would have been overpowering. The pale peach walls provide a soothing backdrop for the room, allowing the modern art and furnishings to take center stage.

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