Geometric Rugs Add Glamour to 4 Interiors by Kelly Wearstler

Fashion designer Michael Kors once said “Scale changes something ordinary and mundane into something special.” This is true for interior design as much as it does to fashion. We are going to look how you can create different looks with geometric rugs that have small scale and large scale patterns. We will look at four rooms by the celebrated West Coast interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

Wearstler has a special flair for creating glamorous rooms with black and white geometric rugs. We will look at four rooms designed by Wearstler and learn how she works with geometric rugs with patterns of different scales to create engaging rooms that have a lot of personality.

Use a Geometric Rug to Transform a Neutral Room

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Kelly Wearstler used a bold black and white geometric rug to instill movement in a room in with natural textures and a mix of shapes. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

A geometric rug with a large pattern makes a statement when paired with a neutral color palette. In this living room, the blacks, tans and mute greens of the furnishings and décor get a face lift from the intense geometric rug. The rug’s mixture of straight and curved lines matches those same planes in the room, such as the angular nature of the couch and the asymmetrical texture of the wall. In your rooms, get this look by pairing a geometric rug with a bold black-and-white pattern with neutral furnishings that stay in the mid to dark tones; mix in a few items in light tones like the room’s throw pillows and curtains.

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Wearstler paired a black and white geometric rug with fabrics and accessories in black, white and grey in a mix of patterns. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

The geometric rug in this living room is the center of attention. Note how the elongated diamond pattern of the rug resonates with the geometric patterns in the sofa and chair fabrics. There is also a mix of different scales- the curtain and pillow fabrics have larger scale patterns compared to the rug. For your space, find fabric patterns in patterns that resonate with pattern of the rug, but have smaller and larger scales. Mixing patterns of different scales but in similar colors creates an engaging energy while still looking harmonious.

Introduce Color to Room with Geometric Rug

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Wearstler designed this large scale geometric rug herself. This rug also has the high contrast color combination of black and white, but with a difference- subtle yellow-green outlines the pattern. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

This black and white geometric rugs may seem simple, but a closer look will reveal a subtle touch of color that isn’t noticeable at first glance. The rug’s white pattern has a thin border of a yellow- green; Wearstler has utilized various shades of green throughout the room to create interest and connect with the green in the rug. Notice how the large scale pattern of the geometric rug looks better when the rug goes from wall to wall as in this room. Look closely and you will see a range of different scale patterns starting from the small scale pattern on the lamp base to the large scale pattern of the rug and the even larger scale motif in the contemporary art. There is also an interplay between round shapes and angular patterns. For your spaces, choose one color beyond your neutral palette of black, white and tan, and use it in a wide array of shades throughout the room. Add interest by mixing objects of different shapes textures and heights.

Introduce More Color to Rooms with Geometric Rug

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Wearstler chose a black and white geometric rug with a small scale pattern to anchor fabrics and art in blue, purple, pink and yellow. Image courtesy Kelly Wearstler.

Wearstler created a colorful room and anchored all the colors and patterns with a small scale geometric rug. The blue tablecloth has a band with a black and white diamond pattern that ties it to the rug. Splashes of yellow add a fresh and youthful vibe. For your room, pair your black-and-white geometric rug with fresh whites and accent pieces in cool and warm colors. The cool colors can be blue, green or purple as in this room and the warm colors can be yellow or gold. When you place cool and warm colors next to each other the contrast between them creates a vibrant pop.

Geometric rugs are a great way to add glamor and energy to a room. If you are drawn to black and white geometric rugs these four interiors show you four different ways of decorating with these rugs. You can pair a bold geometric rug with dark neutrals; you can add hints of color for interest or you can go all out with color for an artistic vibe. Create interest by mixing patterns of different scales and create energy by using different shapes and textures. Find a geometric rug that appeals to you and have fun creating a look that pleases you.

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