Geometric Rugs Add Modern Flair to 4 Interiors

Geometric rugs can provide a funky, modern flair to any space.  It’s easy to be intimidated, as geometric rugs often carry a large presence on their own and some may fear they will clash with other objects in the room.  However, Architect Carlos Aparicio advises, “If the objects hold their own ground and are powerful in their own right, there’s no mismatch.  Pieces that were never imagined sharing a room can somehow look great together.”  Keeping this in mind, there are some simple ways to incorporate the unconventional and sleek charm of geometric rugs while creating a beautiful harmony.

Design Attention Grabbing Living Room with Geometric Rug

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This bright and elegant living room, designed by Diane Bergeron, features a fashion-forward blue and white geometric rug with chevron stripes. The rest of the decor is clean and simple, which allows the rug to be the centerpiece.  White sofas with straight lines create a calming contrast to the geometric rug, and the white fireplace provides a bright contrast against the dark walls.  The sofas have coral throw pillows, which contrast beautifully with blue, and the tall white window treatments keep the space centered.

Design a Dynamic Harmony with Geometric Rug

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This living room, designed by Los Angeles designer Mary McDonald, uses a dark grey and white color palette in half the room and contrasting it with orange walls. The grey white geometric rug, the Greek key fabric on the pillows, and chain link drapery fabric all share the same grey and white color palette . The geometric rug looks bold becasue of the high contrast between the dark grey and white. This contrast is further ramped up by placing the rug on a dark grey floor. This simple device makes the room look engaging.  The patterned pillows also have a similar high contrast between light and dark as do the window treatments. The geometric designs increase in complexity from the simple stripes of the rug to the Greek key pillows to the more complicated pattern of the drapery fabric.  McDonald then adds drama with a rich orange color on the walls and connects the orange with the dark grey in the rest of the room by painting a mural in dark grey of a tree with long branches that adds softness to the space. Small orange accessories on the table tie the room together.

Enhance Mountain Views with Geometric Rug

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This rustic living room in Aspen designed by Steven Gambrel combines elements of modern architecture with mid-century modern furniture and rich, natural materials.  The geometric rug has a black and white pattern of intricate, interlocking rings and virtual stripes. The rug’s pattern has rounded and straight lines which resonate with the texture of the stone on the large fireplace mantle. Wood panels on the walls and ceilings encase the room in warm colors and clean lines.  A woven chair on the left subtly echoes the woven pattern of the rug. The interesting textures and patterns in the room are so subtle they allow you to enjoy the spectacular mountain views from the large window. Image courtesy Architectural Digest.

Add Energy and Drama with Geometric Rug

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This eclectic space is full of whimsical, color accessories that have a distinct presence on their own. Jonathan Adler completes the room with a black and white geometric rug that provides a neutral, but still bold, focal point that allows the unique touches to shine.  The room has a playful color palette of greens, yellows, blues, and purples.  The room also has a wide variety of textures – from the shag covered ottomans in stark white, to the shiny gold accents on the table “legs” and side tables.  The geometric, triangle pattern is repeated on a throw pillow, bringing the eye upward.  Royal blue curtains center the room.

Geometric rugs add structure to a wide range of spaces.  The key to using them well involves creativity, an eye for design, and boldness.  By paying attention to similarities and small details, coordinating color palettes, and mixing patterns in clever ways, incorporating geometric rugs can make a beautiful room truly harmonious.

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