Geometric Rugs Add Style to Foyers, Halls and Closets

Design is about being noticed, whether it pertains to art, fashion or interior decorations. We design the rooms of our home to reflect an atmosphere or attitude that gets noticed. However, there are spaces in most home that look neglected. Maybe they are rooms in which we don’t  spend much time in, or which guest do not see, or even spaces which we have not yet figured out what to do about.

Dorothy Draper once asserted, “I always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk.” In terms of your home’s plain, in-between spaces like a hall or closet, a controversial item is any object that helps the room to be noticed and enjoyed. Let’s face it; some of our bland spaces could really use a pick-me-up with a controversial item or two!

Interior designers have long known that geometric rugs can work as items that provoke comment and make a room get noticed. Geometric rugs can turn your home’s transitional spaces into places of beauty and enjoyment, and you can do it in the design style you prefer.

Add Style to Stairways with Geometric Rugs

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The geometric rug made from kilim remnants makes the stairway an interesting and fun place.

Stairways are usually treated as little more than architectural features; they might be adorned with designs in the railing or with bland runners, but they can be so much more with geometric rugs. The geometric rug on the stairway, made from remnants of tapestry-like kilim geometric rugs, creates instant appeal that draws the eye up the stairs.

Jazz up Hallways with Geometric Rugs

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Two Moroccan geometric rugs complement a long hallway and create high drama.

The geometric rugs in the hallway aren’t colorful or even heavily patterned, but they still turn the hallway into a beautiful and inviting space.  The neutral colors of the rugs and the rest of the hall keep it from being overwhelming, as there is a lot going on!

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Another geometric rug draws the eye down a hallway for pizazz and flair in a space that otherwise would be dull.

Black and white geometric rugs can add instant appeal to a hallway. The black-and-white rug draws the eye into the living area, where other striped patterns and the use of contrasting colors tie the two spaces together; this creates unity throughout the entire home.

Add Elegance to Foyers With Geometric Rugs

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Entrances and Foyers can benefit from a geometric rug, too! An ivory, yellow and blue silk geometric rug brings color and lightness to the foyer of the Sutton Place residence. Image courtesy 2 Michaels Design.

Geometric rugs can also improve entryways and foyers. The yellow, blue and ivory geometric rug adds interest to the above foyer area, while also connecting the space with the living room through the use of similar yellows and blues. Again, this creates a similar feel throughout a home.

Enliven Closets with Geometric Rugs

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Geometric rugs can create hip spaces out of closets, such as this black-and-white geometric rug in a closet done by Kelly Wearstler.

Closets are a prime place for your tastes in fashion and interior decoration to come together. It’s no wonder that West Coast fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler also puts her skills to decorating such spaces. The black-and-white geometric rug creates a chic atmosphere perfect for attending to your clothes for the day.

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Another chic closet featuring a black-and-white geometric rug created by designer Kelly Wearstler.

Geometric rugs create that special something—Dorothy Draper might have called it design controversy—for all of the rooms of your home. Yet we too often neglect spaces like halls, closets and stairways. The best designers of the day know that those in-between spaces need attention too, and geometric rugs are a perfect choice!

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