Geometric Rugs Add Zip to 4 Rooms by Star Decorators

Geometric rugs are being used by the rising stars of interior design in new and exciting ways. Geometric rugs first became popular when British design icon David Hicks reached into historical documents going back 2000 years and came up with fabrics and rugs based on patterns found on ancient monuments, mosaics and buildings. Hicks introduced his geometric rugs to the London of the 1960’s and 70’s to great acclaim. For the last few years interior designers have rediscovered the beauty and flexibility of geometric rugs and have used them in more and more exciting ways. With so many exciting rooms to chose from, it is hard to pick just four for this blog post. I hope you will be as impressed as I am and find these rooms inspiring and just fun to look at.

Geometric Rugs Unify Old and New

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A squared trellis brown and white geometric rug sets the tone for this funky Manhattan bedroom designed by Nate Berkus. Photo courtesy Pieter Estersohn and Architectural Digest.

Designer Nate Berkus loves to combine old and new and he does this very gracefully in his New York bedroom. A leather custom-made screen repeats the square theme found in the rug as well as the geometric throw pillow. A vintage orange and red Gabriella Crespi writing desk and a white neoclassical style chair are a feast for the eyes while serving practical purposes as well. Instead of choosing two matching bedside tables, Berkus placed a rustic chest on the right side of the bed and a newer piece on the left side–the perfect combination of old and new that produces exciting energy.

Mix Patterns and Colors on Neutral Geometric Rug

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A biege and cream double Greek key geometric rug serves as the jumping off point for a myriad of patterns and pops of blue, red, green and pink in this Manhattan living room of fashion photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank. Photo: Simon Watson. Image courtesy Elle Decor.

Can’t pick a pattern? Why not choose them all. The home of photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank is an ode to bold patterns and colors. The blue and white Ikat pillows on the white sofa, the red and white giant leaf pattern pillow and the cheetah print stool from Christie’s attest to Frank’s fearless approach to design. The Greek key rug is subtle yet stylish, and the walls and drapes are confined to simple shades of white in order to allow the fabric and rug pattern to shine.

Marry Organic Forms with Geometric Rugs

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This dining room features an incredible black and white geometric flat-weave rug which creates a striking contrast with the marbled wall treatment. Photo courtesy Gabriel Hendifar and Apparatus.

This New York dining room designed by Gabriel Hendifar achieves a unique and imaginative look. The glass and sculpted metal dining room table allows other aspects of the room to shine such as the the black and white geometric rug, the frosted glass orb chandelier, the wood and leather t-back chairs and black cabinet. The black and white striped rug enhances the marbled wall treatment and contrast is a delightful surprise.

Go Mid-Mod with Green Geometric Rugs

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A dark green and lime geometric rug provides colorful inspiration for this mid-century modern living room. Photo courtesy “So Chic Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces” by Margaret Russell and Elle Decor.

Geometric shapes take center stage in this 1960’s inspired living room. A stately green velvet occasional chair and white couch with green geometric embellishment provide a comfortable seating area while contributing to the vintage feel. Chrome accessories such as the rounded coffee table and chrome lamps add metallic shine. The green geometric rug ties together the vintage elements to create a fun mid-mod look.

Geometric rugs are hot right now, but this is a trend that never seems to go out of style. If you are looking to make a room even more memorable, then geometric rugs are the way to go. Choose shapes that you can repeat in other elements, take a chance with bold patterns, or design your own vintage tribute. No matter your personal style, there is a geometric rug that will create a lasting impact in your home.

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